USB-C Cable for Vision Pro, Price as Low as… 7 Million Dong, but Money Can’t Buy it: Why is that?

The Vision Pro accessory comes with a hefty price tag, making it out of reach for most people.


Apple’s virtual reality headset, the Vision Pro, is now officially available for purchase, with nearly 600 apps designed specifically for the device. While this number may seem significant, it is still much lower than the vast app store of the iPhone and iPad.

To support developers, Apple has introduced the “Developer Strap” for the Vision Pro, priced at $299. Essentially, it functions as a USB-C adapter, allowing developers to directly connect the Vision Pro to their Mac. Apple states that this strap will help “accelerate the development process of graphically demanding apps and games.”

This means developers can compile and debug their apps directly on the device, eliminating the need for wireless connections. However, Apple has not confirmed whether it allows file transfers between the Vision Pro and a computer.

It is important to note that Apple explicitly specifies that this accessory is intended for developers, not consumers. Therefore, it is not available in regular Apple Stores. Instead, it can only be ordered through Apple’s developer website and is currently only available to those with developer accounts in the US.

Another utility of this cable that Apple does not mention is for technicians. It is known that when a Vision Pro encounters a problem, Apple Store technicians can connect it to a Mac for diagnostics and software recovery.

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