Traditional Vietnamese dish is recognized as the best in Asia by a famous culinary magazine

This dish symbolizes abundance and prosperity, an indispensable part of the festive meals in Vietnam during holidays and Tet.


Recently, Taste Atlas, the leading culinary website, has released a ranking of 65 chicken dishes, a very popular ingredient in Asia, to promote unique cuisine, arouse pride in traditional culinary culture, and curiosity in dishes that diners have not had the opportunity to taste.

Notably, there are 4 Vietnamese dishes appearing in this ranking, including braised chicken with lemongrass and chili (36th), chicken curry (39th), chicken salad (57th), and boiled chicken (60th).

These dishes were selected by culinary experts and famous chefs based on criteria such as taste, ease of eating, local characteristics, and popularity. All dishes are rated from 4 stars or more on a 5-star scale.

The highest-ranking Vietnamese dish is braised chicken with lemongrass and chili. This is a popular dish in the Mekong Delta region where chicken is marinated with lemongrass, spicy chili, western celery, garlic, sugar, salt, oil, turmeric, fish sauce, and eaten with white rice, according to Taste Atlas.

Following that is chicken salad, described as a “salty, crunchy, fragrant” salad made from boiled chicken, carrots, onions, and finely chopped herbs mixed with a sauce made from lime, fish sauce, chili, garlic, and sugar.

Commenting on the Vietnamese-style chicken curry, the experts from Taste Atlas said that this dish is relatively “easy to prepare” when using easily found ingredients such as chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, coconut milk, and herbs like lemongrass, fish sauce, and curry powder. It is a perfect dish to eat with white rice or bread.

Meanwhile, boiled chicken is a traditional Vietnamese dish popular during festive occasions and Tet holiday. The chicken is rubbed with salt to remove the smell and then boiled with ginger, scallions, and turmeric. The cooked chicken has a beautiful shiny yellow color and is eaten with salted lime. “Boiled chicken symbolizes abundance and prosperity, often eaten with sticky rice,” Taste Atlas commented.

Topping the list this time on Taste Atlas are well-known names such as: Indian butter chicken and grilled chicken, Korean fried chicken and stir-fried chicken with cabbage and cheese, and Indonesian fried chicken served with rice.

Established in 2015, Taste Atlas connects with 9,000 local restaurants, introducing more than 10,000 dishes to readers, based on thousands of reviews and research by culinary experts and chefs. The website aims to become a world map of traditional dishes made from local ingredients.