VinFast VF e34 and VF 5 spotted in a new look at the port, heading to Indonesia?

There are two VinFast car models that are said to have appeared at the port in Indonesia with slight differences in appearance compared to the ones currently being sold in Vietnam.



Recently, pictures of 2 VinFast VF e34 and VF 5 cars at a port were unexpectedly shared on an electric vehicle group. The uploader said that these are 2 VinFast cars taken at a port in Indonesia. It is possible that these are VinFast car models brought to Indonesia for commercial sales or market research in the near future.

However, compared to the version currently being sold in Vietnam, these 2 cars have some changes in their appearance, such as the VF 5 model using black steel rims, while the VF e34 has black painted rims and rear bumper. According to many people’s predictions, both models may have been stripped of some options in order to compete more in terms of price.

Previously, VinFast’s Sales Director in Indonesia, Mr. Surachman Nugroho, revealed that the VF 5 would be in the affordable car segment. This car may even be cheaper than the Wuling Air ev – one of the most affordable electric cars in Indonesia (converted price from 16,600 – 20,500 USD).

Furthermore, there is information that the VF 5 will be first introduced at the 2024 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS 2024) in February.

Image: Marlo Axraf

Image: Marlo Axraf

VinFast previously announced a long-term investment package of 1.2 billion USD (over 29,000 billion VND) in the Indonesian market. Along with distributing imported cars from Vietnam in the early stages, VinFast will invest 200 million USD (over 4,800 billion VND) to build an electric car manufacturing plant in Indonesia, with an expected output of 30,000-50,000 cars/year.

The plant is expected to be built in the first quarter of 2024 and will specialize in manufacturing right-hand drive vehicles (used in many countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia,…).

The Sales Director of VinFast Indonesia has also confirmed that the right-hand drive cars produced at this plant will then be exported to some countries in the Southeast Asia region.

There will be 4 VinFast right-hand drive models entering the Indonesian market, including VF e34, VF 5, VF 6, and VF 7. VF 5 and VF e34 are the first two models to enter Indonesia. The remaining two models, VF 6 and VF 7, are new products that were launched in Vietnam last year.

Until now, VF 5 and VF e34 are the strategic duo used by VinFast to penetrate many countries in the Southeast Asia region. In the near future, VF 5 will be the first model to enter the Philippines market.