This miracle oil is the ultimate cleaning solution: Cheap and versatile

For just a few thousand dong, you can own this product.


Baby oil, also known as baby massage oil, is a moisturizing liquid that is transparent in color. It is commonly used to massage and moisturize the delicate skin of babies, usually after bathing. There are various brands of baby oil available in the market, with prices ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 dong depending on the volume and brand.

But the benefits of baby oil go beyond that. Baby oil can be a helpful aid for homemakers when it comes to cleaning the house.

According to House Digest, using baby oil during the cleaning process can make it more effective. Additionally, items cleaned with baby oil can stay shiny for longer periods of time.

To use baby oil, simply apply a few drops onto a soft cloth and gently wipe in circular motions, ensuring that all corners are cleaned. Conclude the cleaning process by using a dry cloth to remove any excess oil and enhance the shine.

Baby oil not only effectively removes dust and dirt, but it also creates a gentle protective layer, which helps prevent future dust accumulation. However, it is important not to overuse this product, as a small amount is sufficient. Using too much oil can make surfaces slippery and prone to attracting more dust.

According to Manjeet, the owner of the TikTok channel @mrsjohalshome, she uses baby oil to keep household items away from dust. She emphasizes that she uses baby oil to clean the freezer compartment, making them clean and dust-free.

The aforementioned benefits have made baby oil not only a personal care product, but also an indispensable part of many families’ cleaning routines. Applying this product to household chores not only saves costs, but also yields high efficiency, ensuring that household items are always clean and shiny.

In fact, baby oil is a versatile product with many uses that go beyond just house cleaning. Below are some other uses of this oil:

1. Moisturizes the skin

Baby oil mainly consists of mineral oil, a moisturizing agent for the skin. Applying a thin layer of oil after bathing helps prevent moisture loss and keeps the skin soft and smooth.

2. Makeup remover

When applying baby oil to the skin and gently massaging, the oil can dissolve and remove various types of makeup without damaging the skin. Baby oil is gentle and soap-free, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

3. Haircare

Baby oil can be used to nourish the hair, preventing it from becoming dry and split. Applying it lightly to dry or damp hair can make it smoother.

4. Lip exfoliator

Baby oil can also serve as an effective lip exfoliator. Simply apply a thin layer to the lips and gently massage for a few minutes to soften the surface, making it easy to remove dead skin.

5. Soothes inflammation and irritation after shaving

Applying baby oil after shaving can reduce the risk of inflammation and irritation, helping the skin quickly return to a calm state.

6. Nail care

Baby oil can be used to soften cuticles and nourish the skin around the nails, helping to maintain healthy and beautiful nails.


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