Bank stock attracts nearly 200 billion dong in net purchases by foreign investors at the beginning of the week

Foreign investors continued to maintain net buying on HOSE while selling heavily on HNX during the trading session on February 5th.


Unexpectedly, the stock market surged in the early trading session. The VN-Index closed the session on February 5 with a gain of 13.51 points (equivalent to 1.15%) to 1,186 points. Liquidity improved quite well compared to the previous session with a trading value of nearly 17,000 billion dong on the HOSE floor. Foreign trading was a drawback when net selling 93 billion dong across the market.

On HOSE, foreign investors net bought with an approximate value of 55 billion dong.

In the buying session, the net buying point was CTG stock with a value of 196 billion dong. Following were STB, FRT respectively net buying with a value of 93 billion dong, 52 billion dong. Besides, HAH and VND also ranked next in the list of net buying on HoSE with 42 and 37 billion dong.

On the contrary, TPB suffered the most intense selling pressure from foreign investors with a value of 102 billion dong. VCB, SSI were next two stocks sold with 55 and 53 billion dong each.

On HNX, foreign investors net sold 138 billion dong.

In the buying session, IDC was strongly net bought with a value of 5 billion dong. Besides, MBS ranked next on the list of strong net buying on HNX with 1.7 billion dong. In addition, foreign investors also net bought LAS, VFS, CEO with not too large values.

On the other hand, SHS was the stock under the most intense selling pressure from foreign investors with a value of 119 billion dong; followed by MBS which was sold about 8.6 billion dong.

On UPCOM, foreign investors net sold more than 10 billion dong.

In the buying session, QNS stock was bought by foreign investors for 12 billion dong, similarly, ACV, LTG all net bought each stock with a value of several hundred million dong.

BSR today was heavily net sold by foreign investors with an estimated value of 16 billion dong; besides, they also net sold at VEA, MCH, VRI, …

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