Apple product series heavily discounted for Tet, iPhone 13 priced at only 14 million

CellphoneS offers a range of authentic iPhone, Macbook, and iPad products at deeply discounted prices for users to shop during the Lunar New Year. Along with this, there are attractive promotions for trading in old devices and an installment plan with "3 zero" benefits.


CellphoneS has adjusted the prices of the iPhone 15 series, with discounts of up to 1.2 million. The iPhone 15 Plus is expected to attract users with a trade-in price of only 22 million. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 128GB is now reduced to 14.59 million.

Customers can still enjoy promotional programs at CellphoneS such as up to 2.5 million trade-in value for upgrading, up to 1 million discount when paying with a bank card, VNPAY or MoMo installment for Apple products, and an additional 1% discount for Smember members.

*Prices do not include discounts for payment via bank card, VNPAY, etc.

In addition, iPad, Macbook, Apple Watch, and AirPods are also discounted by 10-30%. Specifically, the standard version of the Macbook Air M1 is now reduced to over 18 million. CellphoneS believes that this is still a popular laptop model due to its slim and lightweight design, sufficient performance for studying and office tasks, as well as a better price when trading in, with a 2 million trade-in value. The iPad Gen 9 tablet is priced at only 7 million, and the AirPods 2 headphones are now adjusted to 2.65 million. The Apple Watch SE 2023 edition is shockingly reduced to 5.6 million.

In addition to price adjustments, CellphoneS is also implementing a “3-No” installment program: No down payment, No interest, No additional fees for installment registration period of 3-6 months, for customers who own a credit card from one of nearly 30 banks. The system aims to provide customers with more cost-effective and easy options to own the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone Pro Max, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 series.

Customers can also opt for installment payment through CTTC with 0% interest on the discounted price, instead of the listed price as before. CellphoneS is one of the first retail systems, alongside the Apple online store, to offer installment payment through MoMo for all new Apple products in the system.

The system has launched the ‘ANt’ Lunar New Year promotion from now until the end of February 18. In addition to reducing the prices of many technology products, the system also offers an additional 20% discount, up to 200k, when purchasing more than 3 products in a single order. Especially, customers with orders worth 5 million or more can participate in a lucky draw to win 1 gold tael, from February 9 to the end of the program.

With the super discounted technology products this Lunar New Year 2024, CellphoneS hopes to bring customers cost-saving technology items for a joyful ‘ANt’ Lunar New Year. In addition, customers can save even more when repairing their phones or computers at 31 CellphoneS repair centers and Apple-authorized (AASP) service centers for genuine repairs of Apple products.

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