Million-dollar silver mai tree for sale on sidewalks in Ho Chi Minh City

Many people who come to the area of Thanh Thai Street (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City) to buy Tet decorative plants are amazed when they see the giant apricot trees for sale.


Mr. Thanh, the owner of a apricot garden, said that he is selling a 12-petal bonsai apricot tree for 3.2 billion dong. This tree has been cultivated for many years and originates from Chợ Lách district, Bến Tre province. The apricot tree is 3m tall and has a canopy width of about 5m.

The beautiful bonsai apricot tree has a strong and healthy branches. According to Mr. Thanh, this bonsai apricot tree is the “best” and has no competitor in the southwestern region at the moment.

The “extraordinary” 3.2 billion dong apricot tree has started to bloom its first flowers.

The apricot tree is covered with buds and ready-to-sell flowers for Tet.

The ancient apricot tree trunk has a diameter of about 25cm.

Many blossoms are blooming from the old branches of the silver billion apricot tree.

Alongside the 3.2 billion dong apricot tree, there are also many other “old apricot trees” from Bến Tre and Vĩnh Long provinces. Each tree is priced from 450 million dong to 1.5 billion dong.

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