China’s Affordable Cars: not only budget-friendly, but also equipped with groundbreaking technology to outperform Toyota and Tesla

Out of the 23 electric car models tested in Norway, only one of them, which is from China, experienced a decrease in driving range of less than 6%.


One clear fact is that cold temperatures can reduce the driving range of electric vehicles. However, a recent test in Norway revealed a model that maintained impressive performance in winter – the Human Horizons HiPhi Z from China. Not only did it limit the range reduction due to winter weather to only 5.9%, but it also outperformed all other competitors in real-world range in cold weather.

The Human Horizons HiPhi Z participated in a test of 23 electric vehicle models conducted by the Norwegian Automobile Association (NAF) and the Motor magazine. The range evaluation took place in late January, with temperatures ranging from -2 to -10 degrees Celsius.

Although it didn’t have the longest announced range in the group, the Chinese car had cold-weather endurance, allowing it to go the furthest among all the participating vehicles. In the end, the HiPhi Z ran for 522 km on a single charge. This means its range decreased by less than 6% in cold temperatures and made it the only car in the group to lose less than 10%.

Other electric car models in this test had different levels of range reduction. For example, the BMW i5 decreased by 12.2%, from 505 km to 443.6 km. A similar reduction occurred with the Kia EV9 and the Lotus Eletre. On the other hand, the range of the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck recorded a significant decrease of 21.3%, from 429 km to 337.5 km.

One of the most heavily impacted models was the Tesla Model 3 “Highland” facelift with a reduction of 29.9% (from 629 km to 441 km), and the Polestar 2 Long Range with 30% reduction (from 614 km to 430 km).

The biggest range reduction belonged to the Toyota bZ4X, with a reduction of 31.8% (from 460 km to 313.5 km), and the Volkswagen ID.7, losing 31.9%.

The secret of Chinese car manufacturers?

The Shanghai-based car manufacturer believes the astonishing cold weather endurance of the HiPhi Z is attributed to its “Efficient Thermal Management System.” Developed in China, this system combines a heat pump thermal management system with an intelligent temperature management system called E-Powertrain to keep the battery operating within the optimal temperature range for as long as possible.

According to driver Simen Zimmermann’s experience, the HiPhi Z kept the battery warm while maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature, both of which are important when driving in cold weather.

Mark Stanton, co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Human Horizons, said, “Relentless innovation and the development of unique technologies are central to the company’s focus, and our team is proud not only of the range recognition but also the particular comfort that the HiPhi Z has showcased.”

Human Horizons identified itself as a premium electric vehicle manufacturer and made its initial breakthrough into the European market last year. The company operates HiPhi Centers in Munich, Germany, and Oslo, Norway. In addition to the HiPhi Z, the company produces the HiPhi X and HiPhi Y models.

Reference: Carscoops

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