J&T Express Ensures Stable Delivery Network During Lunar New Year

The number of orders continues to increase rapidly, the operational network has been enhanced to improve productivity, and shippers are working continuously to deliver Tet goods for shops this week.


Enhanced delivery network, ensuring quality of service

Every Tet holiday, Mr. Le Dinh Truong – a shipper working at J&T Express is busy delivering goods without rest. He said that due to the increasing demand for delivery, the number of orders he delivers per day can increase by 70 – 80% compared to normal days. In order not to miss the busiest transportation season of the year, Mr. Truong has increased productivity and maximized his time to deliver goods to customers before Tet.

Not only the shipper, the operation network of delivery companies also make efforts to avoid congestion of goods. Mr. Nguyen Long, head of the J&T Express branch in Nguyen Phuc Chu (Ho Chi Minh City), said that the number of orders has doubled or tripled in the past month and continues to increase as Tet approaches. All employees in his branch actively participate in every step, from warehousing, packaging goods, processing orders to delivering goods,… to ensure smooth and smooth delivery service.

J&T Express enhances its delivery network, ensuring the quality of service during the peak season. Photo: J&T Express Vietnam

According to a representative from J&T Express, the transportation service of the brand has been carefully prepared to meet customer needs both during peak season and normal days.

“As a leading express delivery company in Vietnam, J&T Express always emphasizes ensuring a stable and efficient delivery network. We have predicted and planned early to arrange and enhance the quality manpower, and complete vehicles. This will help control and ensure the smooth flow of goods, and deliver them on time as committed to customers,” said the brand representative.

Earlier, the company has strengthened 140 new trucks, expanded the system of branches and transit centers to support the network to increase efficiency and shorten transportation time. Therefore, during peak occasions such as holidays and Tet, the service quality and operations of the network operate well.

To ensure the speed and quality of service, the post offices have been prepared in advance for goods to flow smoothly during the biggest holiday of the year. Mr. Nguyen Long shared, “In the last month of the year, the post office has recruited and trained new personnel to ensure continuous 24/7 service. Not only equipped with in-depth knowledge of the delivery process, the team of shippers is also trained to work professionally with retail stores.”

The customer care team of J&T Express has also been strengthened, coordinating with departments working continuously, providing comprehensive and fastest support to customers. Along with that, the post offices also flexibly adjust the opening and closing hours, arrange the appropriate number of transaction staff, and optimize serving the needs of customers.

Shipper at J&T Express always has the opportunity to develop and increase income

J&T Express has made an impression in the Vietnamese delivery market through more than 5 years of development thanks to creating a diverse, equal, and effective working environment. Thanks to that, the company overcame a year of economic volatility and is ready for bigger challenges in the future.

In addition, the company always focuses on the salary policy for workers, especially during the peak period. “We understand that Tet Nguyen Dan is the most important festive season for the Vietnamese people. Therefore, J&T Express always strives to ensure our employees and shippers have a complete and fulfilling Tet holiday,” said the representative of J&T Express.

Accordingly, 100% of the company’s employees receive salaries, bonuses in the 13th month, and enjoy full insurance and welfare policies. At the same time, in 2024, the company plans to increase the number of shippers by an additional 20 – 30% to meet the increasing operational demand.

The team of shippers at J&T Express is professionally trained, optimally serving the needs of customers. Photo: J&T Express Vietnam

As a express delivery company that focuses on developing people, the company always strives to create favorable conditions, providing an effective working environment, helping employees have opportunities for development and income increase. “We have built a development roadmap for each position, have fair reward policies for all efforts and contributions, encourage and create opportunities for advancement for all employees,” the brand representative shared.

In addition, the company regularly organizes training courses for employees to improve work efficiency and restructure the salary ladder according to international standards, ensuring competitive salaries in the market.

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