Nonetheless, some local beer still sells like hotcakes despite a lackluster Tet season.

As of February 6th (27th of Lunar New Year), the beer market in Ho Chi Minh City remains sluggish despite sellers actively implementing discounts, lucky draws, and free delivery.


At beer distributors, soft drink stores, and supermarkets, there is still a good supply of Heineken, Tiger, Saigon, and other beer brands.

However, there is a phenomenon of local shortages of some beer products. For example, at Co.opmart Ly Thuong Kiet (district 10), the beer section attendant reported that Tiger Silver has been out of stock since February 5th, and it is unknown when it will be available again.

Despite the peak shopping season for Tet, the beer section at Co.opmart Ly Thuong Kiet (district 10) is still empty.

According to the supermarkets, not only are wholesale customers such as government agencies and companies not buying beer as Tet gifts for their employees as usual, but retail customers are also reducing their purchase of this alcoholic beverage.

The sales of beer products have decreased by about 5% -7% compared to the same period last Tet, even though the supermarkets are offering more diverse promotions and better discounts.

The supermarkets are making efforts to stimulate beer sales by setting up beer sections near the entrance, some places even bringing beer to the outside area of the supermarket and selling it at shockingly low prices to make it convenient for customers.

It’s very rare to see a customer buying beer.

According to Emart supermarket representative, beer brands are also trying to offer various promotions and PR activities to attract customers to their brand.