Unveiling the Trend of Driving Consumer Frenzy in Lunar New Year Shopping

The shopping landscape for consumers is experiencing new changes during the 2024 Lunar New Year on e-commerce platforms. Despite the long "megasale" seasons at the end of the year, the shopping frenzy shows no sign of cooling down. What could be the reason behind this?


Online ordering frenzy

The bustling shopping spree is a familiar phenomenon every Lunar New Year. However, this trend has seen many innovations in the 2024 season, witnessing the influx of the e-commerce wave.

By placing an order on TikTok Shop worth over 1 million VND, Ms. Huong (30 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) said this is the first year she has shopped online for Tet. “At first, I just intended to take the kids out for a fun outing. But unexpectedly, there were a few livestreams on TikTok Shop offering online shopping codes. So I decided to try placing an order. Within a few hours, I managed to buy almost all the Tet essentials for the whole family. It was both convenient and budget-friendly, and we had a good time (laughs),” she shared.

It is known that the “Tet Shopping Day in Ho Chi Minh City – Thủ Đức Online Market” is a commerce and tourism event jointly organized by the People’s Committee of Thủ Đức City, the Ho Chi Minh City Institute for Research and Development, and TikTok. Besides on-site shopping activities, the event also mobilizes over 50 retailers, businesses, and brands to participate in livestreams promoting various attractive entertainment content. Within just 4 days of the event, over 17,000 orders were sold.

The shopping frenzy did not stop there. It also exploded on TikTok Shop – an e-commerce platform that has been around for over a year. Through #SamTetBungSac, from January 25th to 27th, there were millions of views for the unique LIVE sessions of brands and content creators. Alongside that, “flash sale” vouchers, stacked discount codes, and free shipping for 0 VND orders were actively added to shopping carts with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of applications.

Shoppertainment – A trend that encourages customers to place orders generously

From the order placement behavior of users during the 2024 Tet season, it can be seen that the concept of shopping is no longer limited to meeting material needs but also has to bring spiritual value to users. That is why Shoppertainment (shopping combined with entertainment) has started to become an essential trend in Vietnam over the past year.

According to Alex Vogler, Senior Director and Head of Marketing, eBusiness, P&G for Asia, Middle East, and Africa: “Shoppertainment has become the minimum and basic expectation of consumers.” A Tiktok survey showed that over 85% of TikTok users feel more comfortable when watching entertaining advertisements.

An example is the case of @thichcay.vn, a seller who not only actively organizes live sessions to offer promotional codes but also invests in interesting entertainment content to interact with viewers during Tet.

Thanks to humorous promotions, the abalone sea cucumber product from @thichcay.vn has recorded more than 12.3 thousand purchases on the TikTok Shop platform.

From a user’s perspective, Ms. Kim (28 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) said she tends to place orders while watching entertaining content because it is easy to do so on a single app. “Just the other day, while searching for house cleaning tips from #ThanhThoiLuotTet, I ended up buying a robotic vacuum cleaner because I was so drawn in by the introduction of this ‘baby’,” she shared.

Ms. Kim added that more than half of her Tet items this year were purchased through TikTok LIVE sessions. “By buying livestreamed products, I can interact with sellers, ask them about size, functionality, and participate in gaming activities for ‘flash deals’. Even though I didn’t win, the whole experience was fun. My family and I also often shop on TikTok Shop Mall for authentic products, so we don’t have to worry about their origin,” she revealed.

Similarly, the reason why Ms. Ngoc (34 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) enjoys online shopping is simply because she can interact with creative content. “For the past 2 weeks, there hasn’t been a single day when I didn’t watch #ThanhThoiLuotTet on TikTok to pick up beauty, house cleaning, or other interesting tips. I also take the opportunity to buy the products featured in the videos because it’s quick and convenient, plus there are many attractive offers,” she said.

This reality partly explains why TikTok’s #ThanhThoiLuotTet has become the chosen destination for the user community

Not only due to creative content about leisurely Tet celebrations like cooking with #AnCungTikTok, cleaning with #CleanTok, makeup tips with #GocLamDep, or updates from celebrities with #TikTokGiaiTri, #ThanhThoiLuotTet also offers many LIVE sessions and attractive vouchers through #SamTetBungSac to meet the Shoppertainment demand of Vietnamese users.

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