Prove your worth to get a sports car, even if you’re just 12 and working with your dad, or else you’ll end up with nothing but a scooter!

Minh Nhua, a prominent figure, asserts that nothing in life comes for free; every gift comes with a price tag, even loved ones. Only when you deserve it will you receive "compensation."


Pham Tran Nhat Minh, born in 1983, is an entrepreneur. He is the son of Pham Van Muoi, the Chairman and CEO of Long Thanh Plastic Company. He currently holds the position of Deputy CEO.

Long Thanh is well-known in Vietnam for its production and business of industrial, household, and high-tech plastic products, all of which are among the top in the plastic industry. And that’s how the name Minh Nhua came about.

Pham Tran Nhat Minh once revealed that besides the family business of plastics, part of it is due to his “sticky” personality, like his sticky asphalt, so people call him that.

Entrepreneur Pham Tran Nhat Minh, also known as Minh Nhua

Being the only son and the heir of Long Thanh Plastic Company, since childhood, Mr. Minh Nhua has been raised in a special way compared to his peers.

“I don’t have the right to choose. From eating, sleeping, dressing, education… everything is chosen by my parents. I only have the right to do. Many people feel that it’s pressure. But for me, once my parents have made a choice, I will say ‘yes’ and do it as happy as possible. Maybe at the beginning, I won’t be happy. It’s human emotions.”

“My parents are so great that they can be compared to something beyond space, beyond my imagination. I understand that my parents make a great sacrifice, why should I choose to live according to my personal emotions and go against my parents,” Entrepreneur Pham Tran Nhat Minh recalled in the Tổ Quốc newspaper.

Contrary to the thinking of many people who think that Minh Nhua is a “gold spoon” or “born with a silver spoon”, the tycoon has also experienced a difficult childhood.

He revealed that his family used to be very poor, living in a house on the canal in District 6. If unfortunately the house was damaged, it would fall into the water. In particular, the front door even had open holes, so whenever Minh Nhua heard the sound of his father’s footsteps coming back, he would run out to catch a glimpse of his father. Many times, he noticed that his father’s face looked very tired, but as soon as he entered the house, his father became cheerful again. From there, he learned to suppress his private emotions to create happiness for everyone.

Later on, when his father’s business was successful, Minh Nhua, the heir of Long Thanh, eventually had a completely different life. Up to now, Minh Nhua still lives in District 6, but instead of a dilapidated house on the canal, he is now living in a luxurious 3-story villa.

Although Minh Nhua is not involved in the entertainment industry, he receives a lot of public attention, from work to personal life. It’s because he is famous as one of the leaders of the supercar trend in Vietnam, owning a multi-million-dollar collection of supercars that many people dream of.

That’s why people often label Minh Nhua as a rich young heir, driving flashy cars with his parents’ money. In response, the unique heir of Long Thanh happily admits that all of his “beloved cars” are given by his father.

Minh Nhua with his parents, the people who have helped him to succeed today

“My father is someone who loves me unconditionally. He knows what I like and can do anything for me. Many young people can buy luxury cars, and I don’t know where that money comes from. But for me, I always affirm that my father gives them to me. I can’t earn money to buy cars worth billions or tens of billions. I can’t do that. Impossible!”

“No matter how well I study or how much money I make, I will never be able to live as I do now. The money I make, I will use it more wisely than asking for it. But I never ask my father for any car, he is very affectionate and always finds the car I like to give to me. I truly understand his intention.”

However, he affirms that nothing in this life is free, every gift has its price, including close relatives. Only when you deserve it, you will be “rewarded”.

“Try asking your parents to buy you a car worth 80 billion and see if they will buy it for you? Or with a lower income, try asking to buy a Honda SH or Wave – can your family afford it? Are your parents happy or do they do it under pressure?”

“For me, the cars my father gives are gifts. Since they are gifts, they must come from voluntary sources, not the tap. “

“Since I was a child, I had to live and work as my father wanted – can that be measured in money? When I was 12, I had to follow my father to work, at 15, I had to learn how to hold forks, spoons, and business cards properly like a businessman. Did people recognize me then? So where is my value? Does the growth in the company’s sales, the employees’ respect for me have any value?”

Minh Nhua with his latest McLaren supercar

“Is that value expressed in reasonable exchange for the cars I own? For 16 years, working with my father, I haven’t shared a single penny of the company’s money.”, Mr. Minh Nhua says.

However, Minh Nhua also advises young people not to put too much pressure on money because whatever happens will happen. Also, don’t look at someone else doing this, doing that with a high salary and think about changing jobs.

“If you think that way, you will put pressure on yourself and work 17-18 hours a day to achieve a high salary, to complete your work… Don’t put pressure on yourself, whatever happens will happen, just be natural and comfortable. When you are full of energy, you will work in your true ‘essence’ not for money, the employers will recognize that. Then one day, you will be promoted and your salary will naturally increase from 5 million to 20 million!”, advises tycoon Minh Nhua.

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