Review and Management of Licensing and Construction of Dapa Hill Tourist Area in Da Lat

The People's Committee of Da Lat City (Lam Dong Province) has issued a directive for the People's Committee of Ta Nung commune to conduct an inspection and determine the time of construction of residential and warehouse blocks at the Dapa Hill tourist site. If any violations are found, a case will be established for further actions.


A photo of Dapa Hill tourist spot posted on social media.

For business, livestock, and uncovered construction categories, a proper handling dossier must be established according to regulations. If the Tà Nung commune People’s Committee does not organize the implementation, the Urban Management Board, Urban Order Management Team of Dalat City will advise the city leadership to handle responsibilities.

Dalat City People’s Committee also assigned the Department of Finance and Planning to review the issuance of business certification for Dapa Hill tourist spot and other tourist service points in the city. In case of insufficient investment in construction and violations, actions will be taken according to regulations.

At the end of December 2023, the Lam Dong Provincial People’s Committee also directed agencies to inspect and handle construction order at tourist attractions and tourist service establishments throughout the province, including Dapa Hill tourist spot.

Earlier, as reported by Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper, the report from the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Lam Dong province showed that Dapa Hill tourist spot had many violations.

In particular, Dapa Hill tourist spot has not ensured fire safety conditions; has not fully participated in mandatory insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance for laborers; has not provided labor safety training documents for laborers.

Unauthorized steel structures have been built here; the investor has not prepared a detailed plan submitted to the competent authority for approval to obtain a construction permit for the project.

After the inspection, the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Lam Dong required the temporary suspension of tourist business activities at this tourist attraction until all related conditions are met, ensuring safety for tourists and addressing the mentioned issues.

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