Government mandates construction projects during Tet holidays for critical projects

The government mandates that departments, agencies, and organizations encourage and motivate contractors to work relentlessly during the Lunar New Year period, with "3 shifts, 4 teams", in order to strive for and surpass the schedule of key projects and works.


The government has just issued Resolution No. 20 at the regular Government meeting in January 2024. According to the resolution, the government requires ministries, agencies, and localities to focus on preparing necessary conditions to serve people and families in celebrating the Lunar New Year, ensuring that everyone can have a joyful Tet holiday.

The government also requests units to monitor and grasp the labor situation in industrial parks, export processing zones, economic zones, ensuring that workers are paid in full, receive bonuses, and arrange for Tet holidays according to regulations. Full implementation of social insurance policies, unemployment insurance policies, and support businesses in overcoming the shortage of labor, ensuring the labor supply to meet the production and business needs of enterprises after the Lunar New Year holiday.

Prime Minister talks with workers constructing the 500kV circuit 3 transmission line project on January 27.

The government requests the implementation of breakthrough solutions for the synchronous development of infrastructure systems, particularly strategic transport infrastructure projects. Encouraging and demanding contractors to continue construction even during the Tet holiday, “working three shifts, four teams”, “overcoming the sunlight, winning over the rain” to strive to achieve and exceed the progress of key projects.

Central management agencies and related localities have plans to ensure construction materials such as soil, stone, sand… are fully and timely provided for projects, especially important national transport projects with regional connections; guiding the procedures for granting permits for mining, exploitation of stone, sand, gravel, and sea sand for public investment projects, ensuring quick, efficient, and compliance with legal regulations.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment, in coordination with relevant agencies, will compile the situation of capital allocation from the state budget in 2024 for ministries, central agencies, and localities, propose solutions for the remaining unallocated funds to be detailed for tasks and projects, and report to the government at the regular meeting in February 2024.

Immediately after the Tet holiday, the government requires agencies to promptly start working, especially in resolving backlogged tasks due to the holiday to avoid any impacts on production, business activities, and the socio-economic development.

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