Shark Binh showcasing Phuong Oanh’s cooking skills on TV while expressing his views on raising children: “All assets belong to the father, the child will enter life empty-handed!”

According to Shark Binh, scarcity is the father of creativity. Startups are no different, as the lack of money forces them to think outside the box and innovate in order to succeed.


In the program “Sau Bể Cá Mập” in the framework of Shark Tank Vietnam season 6, Shark Binh met again with the founders of the brand Một Buối Sáng – a startup that he had agreed to invest 2 billion VND for 30%.

Unlike most other startups, Một Buổi Sáng was co-founded by Long Chun – a well-known TikToker with 6.8 million followers and 215.7 million likes. Therefore, Một Buổi Sáng faced many questions about appearing on Shark Tank just to promote the brand. Long Chun himself did not shy away and honestly answered this question.

At Sau Bể Cá Mập, this TikToker once again shared his true goals when seeking investment on television: “I am a person who always looks forward, always wants to approach things I have not touched before. The Sharks in the program are something I have not touched yet. The Một Buổi Sáng brand is a very dedicated model, and I know Shark Binh is a person who is very passionate about food. Who knows, there might be some kind of connection for me and Shark Binh to bond”, Long Chun shared.

At the same time, the TikToker asserted that he did not have much power to appear on the show through his connections.

Hearing that, Shark Binh also seemed to feel attached: “Long Chun caught my true interest which is a passion for food. That is also the reason why my wife and I come together, partly through the digestive system because she cooks very deliciously, very skillfully.”

Regarding the issue of using the show to promote the brand, the startup founders can completely answer yes. Every year, thousands of startups compete for 50 spots on Shark Tank, and in the US, statistics show that the fighting rate of startups to be on Shark Tank is even harder than getting into Harvard University. If it’s your own, why not brag about your neighbor’s child? Utilizing is good, but abusing it like squeezing lemons and not fulfilling commitments, I do not encourage”.

The “shark” also clarified the “nothing special about the model” of Một Buổi Sáng. According to him, if the model is unique and different, the Sharks will be more afraid. In fact, large and successful businesses in the market are doing well with what they already have.

Besides, many viewers also believed that Long Chun grew up in a privileged family, with parents having a house in West Lake (Hanoi). However, the co-founder of Một Buổi Sáng affirmed: “I confirm that today’s successes have nothing to do with the house in West Lake. I do not deny that my parents have money, but they did not contribute the 3 billion. If they did, it would be all gone, not a single penny would be earned.”

On this matter, Shark Binh also agreed.

Personally, I always teach my children that all these assets are mine, not theirs. They will start out in life empty-handed. In the book I wrote, startups that have excess capital, excess money to burn, usually fail. Startups that have no money, have to use their brains, think to break through, then they succeed. Scarcity is the father of invention”, the “shark” analyzed.

Currently, Một Buổi Sáng is still waiting for the evaluation results from Shark Binh’s team. The positive signal is that after appearing on the show, the restaurant’s sales increased by 48%, and profits increased by 6%. The number of orders for the clean eating bún thang dish that the sharks ate increased by 30%. In addition, the number of new customers also increased by 40%.

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