Shark Hùng Anh’s Tết Bonus: No More Gifting Female Employees with Scooters, They All Drive Cars Now!

In 2021, Shark Hùng Anh amazed many people by giving away a 1 billion VND car and 6 Honda SH motorcycles to his employees. This news came as a surprise, especially considering that it was during the time when the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to escalate, causing significant impacts on numerous businesses.


Shark Hùng Anh has caught attention for his investment in startups despite only sitting in the Shark Tank Vietnam hot seat for two seasons. In season 5, as a “shark” for the first time, Shark Hùng Anh led in committed capital for startups with an amount of 87.4 billion VND, surpassing Shark Hưng, Shark Phú, and Shark Linh. Additionally, just a few days after appearing on television, Shark Hùng Anh completed the business evaluation process and signed an investment contract, pouring $1 million for a 12% stake in the Á Châu English System.

In the recent season 6, the owner of BIN Corporation Group also led in successful deals on the show by “closing deals” with 10 startups.

In a recent interview video with the Shark Tank Vietnam team, Shark Hùng Anh was asked about Tet bonuses for employees. He confirmed that the corporation always has Tet bonuses, Tet gifts, and annual cultural activities.

When asked if they would also give SH motorcycles to employees this year, the “shark” exclaimed, “We have given a lot already, but they no longer use them. The employees have switched to cars.” At the same time, Shark Hùng Anh mentioned that they also gave cars to employees last year.

Previously, at the beginning of 2021, when the Covid-19 pandemic was still not under control, this businessman drew attention when he awarded a Mazda 6 Luxury car worth 1 billion VND and 6 SH 125i motorcycles to the top 7 outstanding members of 2020.

At that time, the “shark” shared, “Despite the difficulties this year, our company has overcome them together. I hope that everyone will strive harder for the coming year and receive more valuable rewards.”

Employees who have received car bonuses from Shark Hùng Anh

BIN Corporation Group, owned by Shark Hùng Anh, is a diversified business present in many international markets, specializing in business establishment consulting, financial services and capital markets, online visa services, real estate management, and global marketing. In 2023, this enterprise will expand into the home appliance sector, distributing a brand from Singapore.

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