Surprising Unexpected Selling Pressure From Proprietary Broker-Dealer Suggests Net Sell Off of Over 700 Billion VND in the 27th Tet Session, With Mobile World Stock Hit Hardest

During the afternoon session, foreign investors experienced significant net selling activity, with brokerage firms recording a strong net selling value of 710 billion VND.


The stock market had a relatively volatile trading session on the eve of the Lunar New Year, February 6. However, the VN-Index managed to hold onto its gains, closing up 2.42 points at 1,188.48. The market was weighed down by foreign investors who sold a net value of nearly VND 500 billion.

In this context, securities firms recorded strong net selling, with 3 stocks being sold off by over VND 100 billion.

On the HoSE exchange, securities firms recorded net selling of VND 660 billion, of which nearly VND 4 billion was sold via matching orders, and an exceptional net selling of VND 656 billion was done through negotiated deals.

Specifically, the transactions of securities firms focused on net selling MWG and ACB stocks with VND 204 billion and VND 158 billion respectively. In addition, PNJ also experienced net selling of VND 143 billion. Other stocks that were net sold in today’s session include NVL, MSN, STB, HDB, etc.

Conversely, securities firms bought heavily into FPT and DRC stocks, with VND 10 billion and VND 8 billion respectively. In addition, PVT and VHM were also net bought with VND 7 billion each.

On the HNX exchange, securities firms net sold nearly VND 53 billion, of which HJC was net sold nearly VND 49 billion, and MBS was also net sold VND 4 billion.

On the UPCoM exchange, securities firms net bought over VND 2 billion, of which VGI was net bought over VND 1 billion.

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