Viettel AI App Gifts for Customers

Viettel continues to surprise by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to product design, services, and customer experience activities. And now, they have integrated this innovative technology into their Tet gift giveaway program, with customers being able to participate by texting KM to 191.


The Global AI Boom and Viettel’s Impact

A survey by McKinsey in 2022 revealed that AI implementation has become more widespread, with over 50% of companies adopting it in the past 5 years. Investment in artificial intelligence is also a key focus and growing rapidly. AI has been effectively applied in various fields worldwide, including finance, telecommunications, retail, human resources, training, communication, and marketing. In Vietnam, Viettel has been a pioneer in applying Generative AI to product design, services, and enhancing customer experience, as well as intelligentizing sales channels.

Since 2019, Viettel has successfully applied Chatbot to the MyViettel application, which has millions of users and has received 12 million service inquiries in the past year. Viettel has also made significant progress in optimizing internal workforce through Virtual Assistant for employees, with 96% of staff utilizing it for sales, resulting in a reduced waiting time for business support from 2 minutes to just 5 seconds per interaction.

In addition, Video-KYC (Know Your Customer) has contributed to accurate and fast customer information verification, facial recognition, ID document recognition, gesture recognition, and high authentication rates, with nearly 10 million calls recorded annually.

Most recently, Viettel introduced AI Digital Human, which boasts a vast knowledge base backed by big data application, natural language interaction based on Large Language Model, and 24/7 operation capabilities with instant response and rapid scalability. It promises to surpass conventional Chatbots and digital assistants, opening up a completely new era of interaction between humans and technology.

In the telecommunications field, Viettel’s AI Digital Human facilitates industry transformation and enhances customer interaction and support services. During the Lunar New Year, Viettel brought a surprise gift to customers in Hanoi with an experiential event featuring interaction with Viettel’s AI Human, named Vi An. The event held at AEON Mall Ha Dong last week underscored that AI Human is no longer a vague and distant field of computer science, but is being applied by Viettel in many aspects of daily life.

Youth enjoying the experience with Viettel’s AI virtual assistant

During the event, customers praised Viettel’s AI virtual assistant for its natural language understanding, which goes beyond answering basic questions and demonstrates knowledge and natural communication with users. Customers experienced smart, flexible, and authentic conversations like never before. Moreover, Vi An surprised customers by providing updates on the latest promotions and gifts from Viettel Telecom for the 2024 Lunar New Year.

As part of the AI Lunar New Year campaign, Viettel offers special gifts for customers. From now until March 15, 2024, customers who subscribe to Viettel’s mobile, internet, and TV360 services will receive 5% Viettel++ consumer points based on actual fees (10 times higher than usual). Additionally, customers will receive a code to participate in the lucky draw, with prizes including Samsung Galaxy ZFlip5 phones (8GB and 512GB) and cash.

To receive the Lunar New Year gifts from Viettel, mobile customers simply need to text “KM” to 191, and Viettel’s system will send them special promotions tailored to their needs. For example, customers who frequently use the internet and browse Facebook or Tiktok will receive free data packages for these social networking applications.

This is another effort by Viettel to apply AI technology in predicting customer needs and enhancing customer experience. With cutting-edge server infrastructure, state-of-the-art data processing technology, and the ability to integrate across multiple platforms, Viettel can serve millions of customers with diverse needs simultaneously.

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