Golden Dragon Watermelon Sculpture: Expensive and in High Demand

With the skillful hands of a young man, within an hour, watermelons were meticulously carved and decorated into golden dragons, captivating many people who eagerly bought them as vibrant Tet displays.


Despite the crowded streets, Mr. Pham Quang Thieu (29 years old, from Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province) works quietly on his job of “makeup” for watermelons. In the picture, the golden dragons are meticulously sculpted on the melons, creating a beautiful and eye-catching display for this year’s Lunar New Year.

Mr. Thiet uses a small, sharp knife to meticulously carve intricate patterns on the watermelon skin. This is a once-a-year job, so he works diligently and carefully.

Buyers often prefer watermelons with engravings of auspicious words such as An khang – Thinh vuong (Safety – Prosperity), Tan tai – Tan loc (Prosperity – Good fortune), Van su – Nhu y (Everything as desired), Dai phat – Dai loi (Great fortune – Great profits).

Watermelons are intricately carved with red flowers and calligraphy to showcase their exquisite and delicate features.

According to Mr. Thiet, creating a finished product involves three stages: sketching, carving with a knife, and engraving.

Watermelons with engraved characters are sold at prices ranging from 500,000 to 700,000 VND per pair, depending on the style of carving.

Watermelons with simple engravings such as Phuc – Loc – Tho (Happiness – Prosperity – Longevity) will have a lower price compared to those with more elaborate carvings and calligraphy.

“This year, I only managed to make over 30 watermelons, so I cannot take any more orders. Despite the upcoming Lunar New Year, all my stock has been pre-ordered. The demand from consumers has increased, so I am also very excited. Next year, I plan to increase the number of watermelons to better serve customers,” said Mr. Thiet.

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