Spring Flower Festival 2024 brings together an all-star cast in Vietnam

Presented by VPBank and Vietnam Television, the 2024 Spring Flower Concert brings together 30 top Vietnamese artists to treat the audience to a world-class music feast, a visually stunning and spiritually meaningful gift on the eve of the Year of the Wood Horse.


Dream Line-up

The Spring Flower Festival 2024 took place on the evening of February 8th (the 29th day of Lunar New Year) and captivated millions of television viewers with an impressive line-up of over 30 famous singers from different generations, showcasing diverse music styles. From Vietnamese divas like My Tam, Kim Tu Long, Ha Tran, Thu Phuong, and Ho Ngoc Ha to rap poet Binz. Well-established artists such as Tung Duong, Ho Quynh Huong, Phan Manh Quynh, Uyen Linh, Hoang Hai, Hoang Thuy Linh, Phuong My Chi, Hoa Minzy, and Van Mai Huong were also present. The event also featured young artists from the Gen Z generation, including Tang Duy Tan, MONO, and GreyD…

The high-profile line-up delivered spectacular performances and new mixes that were both mesmerizing and visually stunning, taking the audience on a colorful and emotional musical journey.

The highlight of the music festival was the presence of My Tam with her song “Co Huong” (Summer Memories). The singer showcased a new arrangement and brought vibrant and joyful performances to the Spring Flower Festival stage.

Thu Phuong touched the hearts of millions of viewers with her emotional performance

Thu Phuong continued to ignite the stage with a passionate and emotional performance in a medley of “Nuoc Ngoai Va Duong Xa Tuyet Trang” (Foreign Lands and Snowy Roads). Ha Tran made a powerful comeback with deep and romantic spring medleys. Tung Duong brought explosive and enchanting performances, channeling intense emotions and spreading positive energy on the first day of the new year.

Hoa Minzy shining on the Spring Flower Festival stage

As soon as she appeared on stage, Hoa Minzy attracted all eyes with her beauty and outstanding performance of “Thi Mau”. Hoang Thuy Linh set the stage on fire with energetic dance moves in “Gieo Que” (Casting Lots).

Binz looking charming on the Spring Flower Festival stage

The Spring Flower Festival became even hotter with the presence of many Gen Z artists who performed their hit songs. Rapper Binz (Xuan Dan) rocked the stage with his fun and humorous love song “Hit me up”. Tung Duy Tan ignited the night with his charismatic voice and energetic performance of the hit song “Say Trong Nu Cuoi” (Love in a Smile). MONO, the sensation of the music scene in 2023, continued to spread joy and romance with the sweet song “Em Xinh” (You Look Beautiful).

The Grand Stage

The Spring Flower Festival 2024 featured a magnificent and grand stage that showcased the contemporary folk culture with vibrant colors. The stage was designed with five roads leading to the central stage, connecting Vietnamese people to their beloved homeland.

The Spring Flower Festival stage designed with a contemporary folk style, creating a colorful music festival

The main stage of the Spring Flower Festival, designed by the wizard Pham Hoang Nam, transformed with captivating visuals in every moment. It displayed the vibrant colors of Vietnamese folk culture, retro scenes from the 70-80s, and the energetic beat of the Gen Z artists.

Unveiling Secrets and Experiments

An impressive aspect of the Spring Flower Festival 2024 was the opportunity for many artists to share their personal lives, love for their homeland, artistic aspirations, and new creative experiments.

The audience had the chance to accompany Phan Manh Quynh and Isaac on a journey back to their hometowns to celebrate Tet. For the first time, audiences witnessed “Vợ Người Ta” singer Phan Manh Quynh showcasing his peanut candy making skills, a talent he developed since he was in his mother’s womb. Isaac warmly guided the audience on a journey to explore the traditional Tet of the Southern region.

Queen of Entertainment Ho Ngoc Ha performing “Mong Chieu Xuân” with her soulful voice

Ho Ngoc Ha appeared on stage with a classic and glamorous outfit, exuding elegance. For the first time, she performed “Mong Chieu Xuân” (Spring Sunset) with a jazz-inspired arrangement. The singer revealed that this was a dream music project she had cherished for 20 years of artistic dedication.

Phan Manh Quynh reunites with Phuong Linh with a folk song of Nghe Tinh province

The Spring Flower Festival stage was full of freshness and allure with extraordinary collaborations between artists, such as Phan Manh Quynh and Phuong Linh; Hoang Hai and Uyen Linh; Van Mai Huong and Lan Nha, creating a feast of music that satisfied all senses.

The medley “We are the family – Một vòng Việt Nam” opens up beautiful aspirations for the new year

The Spring Flower Festival 2024 ended with the medley “We are the family – Một vòng Việt Nam” (We are the family – One Circle, One Vietnam) – spreading love and aspirations for a prosperous new year in Vietnam.

The Spring Flower Festival 2024 concluded with an overwhelming sense of emotion and euphoria. VPBank, the representative of the event’s organizer, stated: “VPBank is proud to bring a high-quality artistic program, a vibrant and authentic gift that carries the spirit of prosperity to the Vietnamese people. Alongside the Spring Flower Festival 2024, we aim to spread emotions, warmth, and pride in a prosperous and thriving Vietnam to Vietnamese people worldwide, igniting love and a sense of pride for our nation.”

Over the years, with the mission of “For a Prosperous Vietnam”, VPBank has made great efforts to create prestigious cultural, artistic, and international-scale sporting events. As the exclusive sponsor of the Spring Flower Festival 2024, VPBank will continue to be associated with high-quality artistic events, affirming its “prosperous” position in the field of culture and arts.

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