Binh Duong: Enhancing Critical Transportation System for Regional Connectivity

Bình Dương province is prioritizing the investment and construction of numerous key transportation projects to meet the province's increasingly strong development demands in the near future.


My Phuoc-Tan Van Road is 62km long with 10 lanes connecting industrial zones in Binh Duong. (Image: TTXVN)

Binh Duong – the leading economic and industrial center of the Southeastern region and the whole country, is determined to complete the key transport system to connect the region and meet the increasing demand for development in the near future.

Upcoming mega projects

Notably, in 2024, the project of Ho Chi Minh City – Thu Dau Mot – Chon Thanh expressway, with an investment of about VND 17,408 billion and a plan to start construction this year, will commence.

To ensure the investment progress, the Binh Duong People’s Committee has assigned the Project Management Board for investment in transportation construction to be the investor of component project 1 – site clearance.

The province aims to hand over at least 50% of the site in the second quarter of 2024 to implement the first component bidding packages. The first expressway through Binh Duong is expected to be completed in 2027.

Section 4 of Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road from Thu Bien Bridge to Saigon River (phase 1) is divided into 2 component projects, including component project 1 – site clearance for Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road section from Thu Bien Bridge to Saigon River and component project 2 – investment and construction of Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road section from Thu Bien Bridge to Saigon River (phase 1) in the form of PPP (Public-Private Partnership).

My Phuoc-Tan Van Road is 62km long with 10 lanes connecting industrial zones in Binh Duong. (Image: TTXVN)

The Binh Duong People’s Committee issued Decision No. 2865/QD-UBND on allocating funds for Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road section from Thu Bien Bridge to Saigon River (phase 1) with a budget of VND 7,500 billion. The project is currently carrying out pile foundation and boundary design for site clearance.

The approval of component projects is expected in March 2024. Site clearance, with at least 50% handed over in the second quarter of 2024, 70% of the site in the third quarter of 2024, and full completion of site clearance in 2024. The project will commence in the second quarter of 2024 and be operational from the fourth quarter of 2026.

The key project of Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 3 passing through Binh Duong, with a total length of 26.6km and an investment of VND 19,280 billion, started construction in 2023. The component packages are currently accelerating the progress urgently.

According to Mr. Tran Hung Viet, Director of the Binh Duong Department of Transportation, the progress of implementing key works is being accelerated according to the overall project schedule.

Specifically, the construction of package 2 for Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 3 has arranged working shifts during the Lunar New Year to ensure the progress as required by the investor.

According to the Binh Duong Department of Natural Resources and Environment, to meet the material sources for Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 3 project, the province has invited mining companies to supply construction materials and register specific volumes. 6 units have registered 540,000 m3 of sand; 8 units have registered 1.83 million m3 of various types of construction stones and filling soil; the remaining 1.4 million m3 of filling soil will come from the overburden of stone mines.

Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 3 section through Binh Duong includes two component projects: component project 5 (Tan Van interchange and Binh Goi Bridge) with a total investment of VND 5,752 billion and component project 6 – compensation, support, and resettlement with a total investment of over VND 13,527 billion.

According to the design, the investment scale of the project includes 8 car lanes with parallel roads on both sides and corridors for green trees and technical infrastructure. When completed, the road has a design speed of 100 km/h. This is a key transport project that Binh Duong prioritizes for investment and construction to meet the province’s development needs in the future.

Experience from opening major roads

Right after the Lunar New Year holiday, Mr. Vo Van Minh, Chairman of the Binh Duong People’s Committee, requested departments, committees, agencies, and localities to focus on coordinating and implementing the steps according to the plan and common content in the working session to ensure the general progress of the key transport projects that need to be implemented according to the set plan. At the same time, he requested the establishment of a local project steering committee to coordinate and direct the timely removal of difficulties and obstacles in the project implementation process at the locality, without allowing the project to be delayed.

According to the leaders of Binh Duong province, in the past few years, the province has always paid great attention to developing transportation infrastructure. Since 1998, the Binh Duong People’s Committee has assigned Becamex IDC, a member company of Becamex, as the investor of the project to upgrade National Highway 13 under the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model.

This is the province’s first major road with a length of 68.5km from Vinh Binh Bridge (adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City) to Tham Rot Bridge (adjacent to Binh Duong province), a 6-lane concrete asphalt boulevard that is solid, elegant, and modern. The construction of major connecting roads such as National Highway 13 has opened doors, helping Binh Duong transform quickly into the “industrial capital” – a large production center of the country.

Today, with rapid economic growth and population increase, the system of industrial zones has attracted over 4,000 foreign-invested projects with over USD 40 billion poured into Binh Duong.

Therefore, upgrading transportation infrastructure to meet the transportation of goods and urban development is the top priority in this locality. Currently, Binh Duong is not only a destination for domestic investors but also attracts the attention of foreign investors. Therefore, having a modern and efficient transportation system not only promotes economic growth but also ensures an increasingly favorable investment environment.

The key transport projects in Binh Duong are addressing issues related to land clearance and compensation for households affected by the transportation projects. The determination of the local government is to ensure that all people benefit from the infrastructure development.

Completing the key transport system in Binh Duong is not only a task but also an opportunity for the province to break through, create great potential for the new development period, contribute to the general development of the region and the country.

Duong Chi Tuong

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