CLSA predicts Hong Kong 2024 Year of the Wood Horse (Part 2)

The industry sectors of Earth, Fire, and Wood will be the most notable sectors in the stock market.


Investment Categories by Five Elements

In the year of 2024 (Giap Thin), CLSA’s rating system is divided into 4 levels: Great, Good, Mediocre, and Warning.

Earth, Fire, and Wood elements are considered to have the most optimistic prospects in the year of 2024 (Giap Thin).

Gold and industries related to the Gold element:

CLSA rating: Mediocre

Gold element will continue to face a challenging year. In Q2 and Q3, there will be positive signals and this will be the strongest period of the year. However, there won’t be any breakthrough or significant progress during this period.

Businesses in the Gold element may experience some progress, but they need to put in a lot of effort as it won’t be a smooth year. There will be ups and downs in the development process of these businesses.

Notable industry groups: banking, automotive, and industrial machinery.

Source: CLSA

Wood and industries related to the Wood element:

CLSA rating: Good

The Wood element will operate positively in 2024, but it lacks support from the Water element. However, the favorable outlook for Wood element businesses will increase by the end of the year. Therefore, the Wood element is still considered outstanding in the year of 2024 (Giap Thin).

The best period for the Wood element starts from February 2024 to April 2024, followed by a stagnant period in the Summer and Autumn months before becoming optimistic again in October and November 2024.

Notable industry groups: agriculture, paper production, and consumer goods.

Source: CLSA

Water and industries related to the Water element:

CLSA rating: Not good

Businesses related to the Water element will continue to have good revenue but their profits may be reduced in the coming period.

This year, CLSA expects a brighter outlook for the transportation and port industries. However, the other industries in the Water element will be quite negative and won’t have any major breakthroughs.

Notable industry groups: transportation, ports, and tourism.

Source: CLSA

Fire and industries related to the Fire element:

CLSA rating: Good

According to horoscopes, the Fire element is in a favorable state and shining brightly starting from the end of Q1 to Q2, and nothing can stop the breakthrough of the Fire element in Q4. Therefore, we can expect “huge” profits in fields related to Fire element.

The plastic and chemical industry will continue to have strong growth in Q1 2024, after achieving very positive results in the previous year.

Notable industry groups: technology, plastics, and chemicals.

Source: CLSA

Earth and industries related to the Earth element:

CLSA rating: Excellent

In the year of 2024 (Giap Thin), at the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer, the real estate and construction material industries will experience strong growth.

The months of March, September, November, and December are relatively calm and may not attract much attention. Therefore, investors should be cautious and not rush during this period as there is a high risk of loss.

Notable industry groups: real estate, construction materials, and mining.

Source: CLSA

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