Toyota Hilux 2024 Pre-booking: Arriving in Vietnam May, Expected Price Over 700 Million, Competitive Edge over Ranger

Despite some competitors having undergone or planning major upgrades, it is highly unlikely that the Toyota Hilux 2024 coming to Vietnam will have significant changes.


New Toyota Hilux 2024 Models Available for Pre-Order

Multiple Toyota dealerships nationwide are now accepting pre-orders for the new Toyota Hilux model. The upgraded pickup truck is expected to arrive in the country around May 2024. According to the dealers, there are two versions available: the 2.4AT 4×2 and the 2.8AT 4×4. There will be no manual transmission option or Adventure configuration. The estimated prices for the two versions are over 700 million VND and over 900 million VND, respectively.

Toyota Hilux 2024 in Vietnam will not undergo major upgrades.

If this information is correct, the new prices will be significantly lower than the current ones. The Hilux 2.4AT 4×2 is currently priced at 852 million VND. The 2.8AT 4×4 Adventure version is not listed on the official website of Toyota Vietnam, but a limited quantity was offered by a dealer last year at a price of 1.077 billion VND.

Half a year ago, some places started accepting pre-orders for the new Hilux, reporting its arrival in April 2024. The expected prices back then were also over 700 million VND for the standard version and over 900 million VND for the premium version. However, at that time, sales consultants confirmed that the highest trim level would be the Adventure version.

The 2.8AT 4×4 Adventure version was not officially announced by Toyota and had a very limited quantity in Vietnam at the end of last year.

There is a high possibility that the 2.4AT 4×2 version will have little or no difference compared to the current model being distributed. As for the 2.8AT 4×4 version, it is unclear what upgrades it will receive. The 2.8AT 4×4 Adventure models from last year had additional features such as dual-zone automatic air conditioning and a 360-degree camera. Of course, the 2.8AT 4×4 version will also comply with Euro5 emission standards.

The new Hilux will have minimal changes apart from complying with Euro5 emission standards.

Without a manual transmission option, the Hilux 2024 will face challenges in competing with the Ranger and Triton models. The manual transmission versions of the Ranger and Triton have prices over 600 million VND, making them the economical choices for businesses, especially in the transportation industry.

Furthermore, in the pickup truck segment, the Hilux receives fewer updates than its rivals. The “sales king” Ranger is getting a new generation and will soon have a new version. The new generation Triton is also planning to enter Vietnam in the near future.

Toyota Hilux fell behind all competitors in 2023. Source: VAMA

Nevertheless, if the actual prices are as expected and reduced by over 100 million VND compared to before, the Hilux still has the opportunity to change the sales situation. Last year, the Hilux had the lowest sales in the segment with only 134 units sold. In comparison, the Ranger sold 16,085 units and the Triton sold 2,572 units.

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