Affordable Mid-range Terraced Houses in Western Hai Phong – Supply Shortage

The recent tightening of legal policies has limited the supply of new projects in the townhouse and shophouse segments, particularly in the mid-range price range in the Hai Phong real estate market. Many investors are facing difficulties in making payments.


Shortage of Low-rise Housing Supply

According to the general plan until 2040 with a vision until 2050, Hai Phong will develop according to the model of multi-center urban areas and satellite towns. With reasonable infrastructure investment, Hai Phong is aiming to become a highly developed city among the top cities in the region.

Hai Phong has many planned and constructed urban areas, apartments in the crowded city center. However, according to some experts, the city still lacks shophouse and townhouse products in the mid-range price segment that can meet the investment and living needs of residents.

In the face of the “trickling” supply, the demand for low-rise products, especially the townhouse segment, continues to rise. In particular, projects with ready-to-deliver houses that have full legal status and convenient infrastructure are favored by investors who pour capital boldly.

The Attraction of HP Elite Central Haiphong Townhouse Project

The townhouse, shophouse project HP Elite Central Haiphong is currently one of the projects attracting the attention of investors. Located in Dong Hoa Ward, the center of Kien An District – one of the bustling inner districts in Hai Phong, the project offers 157 townhouses, shophouses with an area ranging from 60-120 m2.

Located on Bui Vien boulevard with 6 lanes, HP Elite Central Haiphong is assessed as having a favorable location and convenient transportation connection. From here, it is possible to conveniently connect to the main roads across the city such as Vo Nguyen Giap, Le Hong Phong, Nguyen Van Linh, Lach Tray. At the same time, thanks to the adjacent 54m road connecting from ring road 3 to Bui Vien boulevard, HP Elite Central Haiphong is suitable for business exploitation, especially when the project is located in a densely populated residential area with the orientation of becoming the most bustling trading center in Hai Phong.

HP Elite Central Haiphong is also appreciated by investors for opening up opportunities to experience rich external utilities, serving all education – entertainment – shopping – health care needs. The project is close to schools of all levels, from public to international; easy access to shopping at commercial centers and Aeon Mall Haiphong supermarket, as well as health care at surrounding hospitals.

HP Elite Central Haiphong with abundant utilities (Source: HP Elide HP)

Currently, HP Elite Central Haiphong is announced by the investor with prices starting from 4.2 billion VND/unit for a 4-story unit with an area from 60-120 m2, along with a series of attractive sales policies: Up to 6.5% discount; support 0% interest rate for 12 months. HP Elite Central Haiphong promises to be one of the important supply sources in the townhouse segment in West Hai Phong area in the near future.

Officially launching the HP Elite Central Haiphong project (Commercial housing project in Dong Khe 1 residential area, Dong Hoa ward, Kien An district)

Investor: Solaris Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Company; Project location at Dong Khe 1 residential area, Dong Hoa Ward, Kien An District, Haiphong City

Quantity: 157 Shophouses, townhouses with areas: 60-70-80-120m2.

Red book for each lot, the legal status has a 1/500 Planning Decision, documents meeting the conditions for sale, Construction Permit with prices starting from: 4.2 billion VND/unit for a 4-story unit

For more information, please contact:

Hotline: 0775000668 – Investor’s Business Department


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