Introducing Vinhomes Royal Island – A Continental-Class “Royal Island City”

On March 15, 2024, Vinhomes Corporation officially introduces "The Royal Island City" project - Vinhomes Royal Island on Vu Yen Island, Hai Phong - a pioneering island urban area in the city center.


Vinhomes Royal Island is created to become the “new special zone” of the international elite community. It brings together a world-class system of utilities and services, with exceptional privileges for residents – the pioneering presence in Vietnam.

Vinhomes Royal Island covers an area of 877 hectares, located on Vu Yen Island, connecting the current inner city of Hai Phong with the new administrative center Thuy Nguyen, and it is known as the unique “island in the city” leading the country. The unique location allows the project to easily access areas in the key economic triangle in the North of Vietnam – Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh, as well as major cities worldwide through the aviation – waterway – roadway system.

Vinhomes Royal Island covers an area of 877 hectares, located on Vu Yen Island, is a pioneering island urban area

The unique island location provides the foundation for Vinhomes to build the most luxurious and classy life for Vinhomes Royal Island. Here, residents will enjoy unique and private privileges from a collection of high-end facilities and services fully integrated into an urban area, such as a premium marina with nearly 10 hectares, a world-class 36-hole 160-hectare Golf Course in Southeast Asia, the Royal Horse Riding Academy, the longest and most beautiful riverside promenade in Vietnam, VinWonders Royal Park family amusement park with an open safari zoo… In particular, Vinhomes Royal Island is the leading urban project in Vietnam and rare worldwide majority that owns a private beach right behind their homes.

“Royal Island City” owns the Royal Horse Riding Academy – a professional training and experiencing place for world-class equestrianism, the first of its kind in Vietnam

Vinhomes Royal Island is the leading urban project in Vietnam and rare worldwide to own a private beach right behind their homes

In addition to the “luxurious feeling in every minute,” future owners of the Royal Island will also enjoy comprehensive and superior infrastructure that meets the essential needs of daily life.

Specifically, in terms of healthcare, together with the Vinmec International General Clinic invested directly on the island, the pioneering “home healthcare” service jointly deployed by Vinhomes and Vinmec is applied in the urban area, with two branches of services, including medical examination and treatment and in-home medical care. Starting at Vinhomes Royal Island, the “home healthcare” service is a rare privilege in Vietnam to provide residents with full comfort and convenience, including services like doctor/nurse consultation, prescription, medicine delivery, sample collection for testing…; postpartum and baby care, elderly care, postoperative care… at home.

In addition, with greenery and water surfaces up to 359 hectares, 31 parks, 10 indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a complex of tennis courts, badminton courts, football fields, volleyball courts, wellness gardens, gyms… covering the entire project – Vinhomes Royal Island opens up a energetic life, an excellent environment for enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual health for each resident.

In terms of education, Vinhomes Royal Island plans to have 7 Vinschool kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools & high school linked to Vinschool, together with the Korean International School to provide the best and most comprehensive development environment for future global citizens.

For entertainment, Vinhomes Royal Island brings together Vincom Mega Mall Life Design Mall model; 2 outstanding international cultural parks by the riverside are the vibrant K-Park, and the luxurious European square; The Royal Palace wedding and conference center – the most luxurious in Vietnam with a capacity of up to 3000 people indoors and 2000 people outdoors. Along with the paradise of entertainment are community activities, cultural-art-sports festivals to be organized on the island on a large scale and continuously throughout the year.

For safety and security – Vinhomes Royal Island is equipped with a multi-layered AI-technology-based security system, with patrol boats on the river and 5-star international-level management services, ensuring maximum privacy and safety for residents.

Ms. Nguyen Thu Hang – General Director of Vinhomes Joint Stock Company shared: “Royal Island City” Vinhomes Royal Island is Vinhomes’ dedicated project. We desire to create a daily living space that is exceptional, luxurious for the elite of Vietnam and the world; it not only attracts investors and talented businessmen worldwide but also contributes to raising the Vietnam real estate market to new heights.”

The entire project is divided into 11 zones, surrounding the Golf Course and interspersing between the utility and service systems are: Vu Island, Royal, Aristocratic, Golf Land, Paradise Island, Miyabi, Komorebi, Royal City, Fortune, Capital, Royal Riverside, including types of houses such as villas, townhouses, shophouses…. The design of each zone is very diverse, suitable for the needs and aesthetics of Vietnamese and international citizens, but all have a common point of luxury and impressiveness, on par with leading high-end urban projects in the continent.

With a resort space right outside the door together with a collection of high-end amenities created by Vinhomes – “Royal Island City” Vinhomes Royal Island will definitely be the focus of the real estate market in March and also the most special project launched in 2024.

3,000 people attended the launch event of Vinhomes Royal Island

On March 15, 2024, Vinhomes Joint Stock Company opened its sales office and launched the Vinhomes Royal Island project, attracting 3,000 customers and sales staff. The event affirmed the strong attraction of Vinhomes Royal Island while providing strong motivation for the real estate market in the first quarter of the year.

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