Resolution of land violation in Thanh Oai district requested

The Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee has requested that Thanh Oai district expedite the progress of land allocation for the relocation of households affected by the Beltway 4 - Capital Region project. Additionally, they are tasked with addressing the land violation issues that have occurred in the district in recent times.


That was the request of the Vice Chairman of Hanoi City People’s Committee, Duong Duc Tuan, at the working session with Thanh Oai district organized on 15/3.

According to the report, in 2023, the socio-economic situation of the district achieved many positive results. Specifically, the total value of production in the area reached 28,507 billion VND (achieving 103.2% of the plan), the per capita income was 72,155 million VND/year. The total state budget revenue in the area was over 1,722 billion VND (equal to 105% of the city’s estimate).

The project of Ring Road 4 segment passing through Thanh Oai district is expected to create a “lever” for trade between the district and other localities.

At the working session, Thanh Oai district proposed adjusting, supplementing the content, nature, and function of Thanh Oai in adjusting the Capital’s general planning to 2045, vision to 2065.

Mr. Bui Van Sang, Chairman of Thanh Oai district People’s Committee, said that the adjustment of the district’s general planning is based on the general planning of the Capital, the approved land use plan. The plans for industry, ecological urban areas are connected to districts and other localities.

The scene of the working session on March 15.

Mr. Bui Van Sang expects that the Ring Road 4 – Capital Region project, when put into operation, will create a “boost” for trade between the district and other localities.

In conclusion, Vice Chairman of Hanoi City People’s Committee Duong Duc Tuan suggested that in 2024, Thanh Oai district needs to enhance land use rights auctions to increase investment sources.

In addition, the district needs to focus on reviewing and supplementing the planning to be suitable for adjusting the general planning of the Capital based on the exploitation of geographical and land resources.

Vice Chairman Duong Duc Tuan also suggested that Thanh Oai district accelerate the progress of land handover for the relocation of Ring Road 4 – Capital Region. At the same time, resolve the backlog of violations of land on the district’s territory in the past.

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