BKAV Pro 2023 Profit Less Than Half of Previous Year

According to a periodic financial report submitted to the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX), BKAV Pro Joint Stock Company - an antivirus software provider founded by businessman Nguyen Tu Quang - has experienced a further decline in its business performance.


Specifically, BKAV only achieved a profit of nearly 18.7 billion VND, a decrease of 53% compared to the previous year.

Owner’s equity increased by 9% to 223 billion VND. The debt-to-equity ratio decreased from 1.55 times to 1.42 times, corresponding to a total outstanding debt of 316 billion VND, which is not significantly different from the previous year.

BKAV Pro’s financial indicators in 2023

Source: HNX

Outstanding bond debt over equity decreased from 83% to 76% (0.76 times), corresponding to an outstanding bond debt at the end of 2023 of 170 billion VND.

The decline in profit also caused the Enterprise’s ROE to decrease from 19% to 8.4%.

The above results continue the difficult period for BKAV Pro. In 2022, the Enterprise’s profit was 39 billion VND, also a sharp decrease compared to the previous year.

BKAV Pro is currently issuing a bond with the code BKPCB2124001, a volume of 1.7 million bonds, a face value of 100,000 VND/bond, and a value of 170 billion VND. The bond has a term of 36 months from May 26, 2021 to May 26, 2024. Coupon interest rate with fixed first year 10.5%/year, subsequent years calculated by reference interest rate plus a spread of 4.5% and not lower than 10.5%/year, paid semi-annually. The custodian is VNDIRECT Securities Corporation (HOSE: VND).

The collateral for the bond is over 5.44 million BKAV Pro shares held by the parent company – BKAV Corporation owned by Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang. BKAV Corporation owns (at a valuation of 178,125 VND/share, equivalent to 970 billion VND) and 4.99 million shares of BKAV Corporation.

The purpose of the issuance of the bond is to raise capital for the expansion and development of the AI View camera, investment in digital transformation, and part of the development of the Bphone lines.

It is known that BKAV Pro was established in March 2018 with an initial charter capital of 50 billion VND, including three founding shareholders: Bkav Corporation holding 96%, Mr. Vu Ngoc Son (holding the position of General Director) holding 2%, and Ms. Lai Thu Hang holding 2%. In August 2018, the Company increased its charter capital to 100 billion VND, and the structure of the founding shareholders remained unchanged. By October 2018, BKAV Corporation reduced its ownership to 83.963%, and the two remaining individuals held 2% each. Since July 2022, the Company has been managed by Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang as General Director and legal representative.

Chau An