4 Expenses to Upgrade Your Lifestyle, with Easy Installments up to 36 Months

"Invest in your quality of life with ease by opting for a 36-month installment plan using your VIB credit card. Embrace a seamless path to elevated living, where the costs of a refined lifestyle are effortlessly manageable."

VIB Credit Card Benefits

Installment plans through credit cards are gaining popularity for their practical benefits.

Enhancing Your Lifestyle with Four Common Major Expenses

Today’s consumers are willing to invest in premium products and services to enhance their quality of life. The top four areas of spending include education for children during their crucial learning years, technology for a thriving career, travel for enriching life experiences, and comprehensive healthcare when the body signals a need for physical and mental rejuvenation.

Alongside this, modern financial tools are more popular than ever as spending often goes hand in hand with a well-thought-out plan to optimize cash flow. At VIB, our credit card ecosystem has been a favorite among customers, offering numerous benefits for cashless spending, such as high cashback rates, easy installments of up to 36 months, and 0% interest with competitive fees ranging from 0.6% to 2% per month.

VIB Long-term Installment Plans

VIB’s long-term installment services help Vietnamese families plan their expenses more conveniently.

VIB credit cards are commonly used for long-term educational expenses, thanks to the 0% interest installment plans offered at numerous training centers and schools, from preschool to university level. Cardholders can invest in language or talent development courses for their children or skill enhancement courses for themselves, with the option to pay in installments at ILA, British Council, Apollo English, Mathnasium, SunUni, and CMS Edu. For cardholders with children about to enter university, the four-year tuition fee, which used to be paid in eight installments, can now be made more manageable through a monthly payment plan with a VIB credit card.

Healthcare installment plans with VIB credit cards are also highly popular among modern women, thanks to a comprehensive list of applicable treatments, including medical examinations, physical care, and cosmetic dentistry. The most notable benefit is the 0% interest installment plan for medical examinations at 12 major hospitals, including Viet Duc, Bach Mai, Hong Ngoc, and Ung Buou Ha Noi.

Significant expenses for orthodontic and cosmetic dental procedures can also be divided into easy installments of up to 36 months at the Saigon Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology, Otis Dental Clinic, Dong Nam Dental Clinic, Peace Dentistry, and Celeb Dental Clinic. Cardholders can regain their confident smiles and achieve their desired physical appearance with fitness packages at California Fitness, Elise Fitness, and Getfit Gym & Yoga.

The benefits of VIB credit cards also come into play when purchasing new technology for work and life upgrades. Whether buying directly from major brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Daikin, and Sony, or through electronics systems like FPTShop, Nguyen Kim, CellphoneS, ShopDunk, Di Dong Viet, and 24HStore, customers can enjoy simultaneous installment plans and various other discounts.

Smart Spending with Installment Plans of up to 36 Months

Compared to the typical 12-month installment period offered in the market, VIB’s extended 36-month term allows cardholders to own multiple tech items simultaneously and make more flexible payments. For example, a 36-year-old programmer, Tran Tan, recently used his VIB Cash Back card to upgrade to two new devices to support his work. His personal purchase of a high-end phone and laptop, totaling nearly 70 million VND, did not affect his family’s shared expenses, as he only needs to pay less than 2 million VND per month through the installment plan.

Easy Registration for VIB Installment Plans

Easy registration for installment plans: at the point of sale, on the website or online shopping application, through the MyVIB digital banking platform, or by contacting VIB’s customer service hotline at 18008195.

The concept of “travel now, pay later” with VIB credit cards is also becoming a habit for many modern consumers. While trips to new destinations offer memorable experiences, the costs of airfare, hotel accommodations, and tours can quickly add up, especially for larger families. However, with the privilege of installment plans through VIB credit cards at partners like Bamboo Airways, Traveloka, and Green Holidays, cardholders can plan their vacations immediately without waiting for financial abundance.

After each expense, cardholders can also accumulate reward points or cashback from their VIB credit cards. The most popular VIB cards for shopping include Online Plus 2in1 (up to 6% cashback), Cash Back (up to 10% cashback), Super Card (up to 15% cashback), and Ivy Card (1% cashback on all spending). Additionally, VIB cardholders can enjoy attractive reward point accumulation programs with Rewards Unlimited and Family Link or accumulate Vietnam Airlines miles with Premier Boundless and Travel Élite.

Apply for a VIB credit card, experience installment plans of up to 36 months, and enjoy countless other benefits here.

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