Continuing the Green Business Strategy, TTC AgriS’ Management is Determined to Optimize Capital

The leadership team at TTC AgriS is committed to optimizing capital and ramping up investments with a unified goal: to forge a "green" business strategy and foster sustainable development.


As part of its portfolio restructuring and capital optimization plan to further its “green” business strategy, TTC AgriS’ Board of Directors announced on July 9, 2024, that Ms. Dang Huynh Uc My, Vice Chairman of the Board, registered to transfer 70 million SBT shares.

As of the end of July 9, 2024, Ms. Dang Huynh Uc My held 144,973,158 SBT shares, equivalent to 19.02% of the charter capital. The transaction is expected to be carried out through the method of matching and/or putting orders. The transaction is expected to take place between July 12, 2024, and August 10, 2024. If the transaction is successful, Ms. Uc My is expected to hold 74,973,158 shares, equivalent to 9.84% of the charter capital. The transaction is part of the company’s business expansion plan and is a crucial link in its sustainable development strategy, affirming TTC AgriS’ position in the international market, in line with the Board’s vision as a leading multinational agricultural enterprise in Vietnam.

According to shared information, the prospective buyer is a foreign investment fund based in Singapore. This fund has had lengthy negotiations and worked with TTC AgriS before deciding to invest in the company. The fund identifies investment opportunities based on a company’s intrinsic value and sustainable development strategy, prioritizing large-listed companies in Southeast Asia with sustainable business growth rates and a particular focus on ESG investment performance.

“The TTC AgriS leadership is determined to optimize capital and promote business development towards the goal of VND 60,000 billion by 2030,” shared Ms. Uc My. “With the current global economic trends, we are open to collaborating with foreign investors who share our vision, business strategy, and especially have experience in the ESG field. We believe that the partnership with foreign partners will help TTC AgriS expand its operations and enhance its competitiveness in the international market. This is also an important step, marking our commitment to bringing sustainable value to our shareholders and positively contributing to the development of Vietnam’s agriculture.”

Vice Chairman of TTC AgriS, Ms. Dang Huynh Uc My, giving the opening remarks at TTC AgriS International Partners Day 2024 in Singapore, unlocking global collaboration potential to build a sustainable agriculture sector and international trade value chains. The event gathered over 60 senior leaders from government agencies and international financial institutions from Vietnam, Singapore, and Australia.

At the TTC AgriS International Partners Day 2024 event held in Singapore in May 2024, Ms. Uc My emphasized: “TTC AgriS is a pioneer in fulfilling the mission of enhancing the value of the green circular economy and thereby consolidating Vietnam’s sustainable high-tech agriculture. Our business philosophy is tailored to each country, with Solution – Smart – Sustainability as the core foundation. Additionally, TTC AgriS maintains sustainable development and becomes the preferred destination for leading financial institutions in the region, continuously attracting green capital from foreign investors.”

As of the end of May 2024, the foreign ownership ratio at TTC AgriS has continuously recorded growth, reaching 12.85%, an increase of 6% compared to the beginning of 2024. In April, SBT was also among the top stocks that foreign investors net bought the most, along with MWG, PVS, MBB, and HPG.

Market trends are shifting as macroeconomic factors such as interest rates, exchange rates, and monetary policies have significantly impacted foreign investors’ global capital restructuring decisions. Foreign capital inflows into Vietnam are now more cautious and selective, focusing on sustainable development enterprises that meet ESG standards.

In recent years, TTC AgriS has consecutively received high recognition from reputable organizations for its governance practices: Top 20 Listed Companies in the VNSI20 – HOSE Sustainable Development Index, Top 10 Best Corporate Governance Companies in 2023 in the Large Cap Group – HOSE, Top 10 Green Economy Development Enterprises, Top 5 Boards of the Year – VIOD, and most recently, it has entered the Top 500 largest enterprises in Southeast Asia – Fortune 500 Southeast Asia, announced for the first time by the world-renowned magazine, Fortune (USA)

TTC AgriS is honored to be among the top 500 most profitable enterprises in Southeast Asia – Fortune 500 Southeast Asia 2024, announced for the first time by Fortune Magazine (USA)

It is evident that TTC AgriS is currently one of the pioneering enterprises in Vietnam in upgrading and standardizing its corporate governance system on a sustainable development foundation. The company is applying ESG standards across its governance, production, and business activities, striving to improve its governance framework to meet stringent international norms. As a result, TTC AgriS is increasingly attracting and becoming the destination of choice for foreign investors seeking opportunities in Vietnam.

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