Unveiling Vietnam’s First Comprehensive Digital Ecosystem: Empowering Enterprises with AI Integration

Pando has launched a digital ecosystem, offering a range of products and services, including consulting, training, and community-driven solutions for buyers and sellers.


On July 9th, Pando Group officially launched its digital ecosystem in Vietnam, offering solutions to successfully develop brands and build business systems in the context of the booming digital economy.

At the launch event, Pando Group introduced products and services designed to meet all community and business development needs, specifically:

  • Pando Advisory: Strategic community development consulting services to help businesses define goals, analyze target audiences, develop strategies to attract and retain members, and plan effective community activities.
  • Pando Academy: Training for professional community development trainers, providing the necessary knowledge and skills to build and manage effective communities.
  • Pando Tech: Pando Soft technology solutions to optimize marketing costs and viral branding, and the AI-powered Pando Connect platform that connects manufacturers, sellers, and buying communities.

At the event, Pando Group signed strategic partnerships with educational, technological, and marketing partners to expand its network of collaborators, share resources and expertise, and jointly develop communities while fostering business growth.

Notable collaborations include building the Women In Tech community with the Institute of Construction Economics and the Institute for Business Innovation (IBIA). Other partnerships focus on building a community for career guidance and job development for people with disabilities and vulnerable groups in Vietnam and a project to develop and build communities using video-building technology on the TikTok platform.

Ms. Jasmine Le, CEO of Pando Group, shared that in the near future, Pando will implement specific action strategies to bring value to the business community. They will organize meaningful training programs and provide Pando Soft software solutions to optimize efficiency for businesses from day one, with user-friendly and cost-effective tools.

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