“Google Maps Now Shows Your Speed: A Handy Feature for iPhone Users”

After a long 5-year wait, iPhone users can now view speed limits and receive speed limit alerts on their Google Maps app, a feature that was previously only available on Android.


Google has announced an update to Google Maps for iPhone users, which includes a speed limit and speedometer feature. The tech giant states that the update aims to help drivers avoid speeding fines and improve their awareness of their traveling speed. The update will be available worldwide and will display speeds in miles or kilometers per hour, depending on the region.

Interestingly, the latest significant update for iPhones rolled out quietly as Google merely updated the information displayed during navigation. In fact, Google Maps users in India noticed the update last month, which included speed information and speed limit warnings. The difference now is that users globally have access to this new feature.

To activate this feature, users can tap on their profile picture within the Google Maps app on their iPhone and select Settings > Navigation. Here, scroll down and toggle on the switches for “Show speed limit” and “Show speedometer.” Once enabled, the speedometer will change colors, and users will be warned to drive within the speed limit depending on their area and location.

Google’s support page states, “Note that this update is for informational purposes only. You should always refer to the actual speedometer in your car to ensure you are abiding by the speed limit.” However, with the technology built into iPhones and general driving experience, the displayed results are quite accurate when compared to the car’s speedometer. Of course, there is still a need to verify how it performs in various situations.

The speedometer feature in Google Maps was first introduced in 2019 but was not widely deployed. It was only updated for over 40 countries in mid-2019, while iOS and CarPlay users had to wait five years to receive this capability.

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