No need to take a Tet holiday, Cotti Coffee chain in China opens 2 stores in Hanoi: “Bloodshed” promotion comparable to sidewalk vendors.

This creates some competitive pressure for other competitors in the market, especially during the Tet holiday season.


Recently, Cotti Coffee – a coffee chain from China has opened its first flagship store in Hanoi market. At the same time, another store in the Tay Ho area is also welcoming customers. Prior to that, in December 2023, Cotti Coffee opened 3 branches consecutively in the Ho Chi Minh City market. According to research, 2 new branches are expected to be opened soon in the near future.

The new Cotti Coffee store opened in Duy Tan, Hanoi

Recently launched since December last year, Cotti Coffee’s continuous expansion is happening when the F&B market is entering the busiest period of the year. During the opening period, the brand has reduced the prices of all beverages, from coffee to tea, to a fixed price of 29,000 VND. Even milk coffee is priced at only 19,000 VND, equivalent to street kiosks. This somewhat creates competitive pressure for other competitors in the market, especially during the Tet holiday. This is the time when restaurants focus on attracting customers to increase revenue, even have to charge additional service fees.

This “price cutting” strategy is implemented by Cotti Coffee in both its home country and other markets such as Singapore, South Korea. In China, with an average drink price of about 1.38 USD (about 33,000 VND) per cup, then continuing to reduce to only 1.22 USD (about 29,000 VND). New customers are also able to buy their first cup of coffee from Cotti Coffee at a price “as cheap as giving” – about 0.14 USD (3,500 VND).

Cotti Coffee’s series of discounted menus

With continuous new openings, Cotti Coffee is also recruiting employees massively. On the TopCV recruitment page, Cotti Coffee International Limited Company has posted job offers for operations managers with a salary range of 20-30 million VND/month. The brand prioritizes employees who know Chinese, requiring at least 3 years of experience in enterprise chain operation management, prefer experience in the coffee and milk tea industry. Notably, Cotti Coffee prioritizes candidates who have worked at Starbucks, Trung Nguyen, and Highlands Coffee.

Similar to Mixue, Cooler City, Cotti Coffee also pursues a franchise strategy. In less than 1 year, Cotti Coffee has appeared in over 300 cities in 5 countries with more than 5,000 stores and has become the 5th largest coffee brand in the world. Speaking to Dan Tri, a Cotti Coffee consultant said that the capital amount that investors need to invest when starting to collaborate with the brand is about over 1.1 billion VND.