Super luxurious, upscale apartments flocking to Da Nang

Penthouse, Duplex, Sky Villa... These are all masterpieces that any successful person desires to own. And now, these limited edition luxury apartments are gathered at the prestigious Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang project, right next to the Han River - the heart of the livable city.




Premium Penthouse – Sky Bungalow

Penthouse is always the most expensive and luxurious apartment in any high-rise project. The luxurious Penthouse is like a bungalow in the sky, offering a wide and comfortable living space with all the amenities of a perfect living space. Typically, a high-rise project only has 1-2 Penthouse units that are carefully crafted to honor the sophistication of the owners. Especially, if it is a “close to the city, close to the river” Penthouse, its attraction is multiplied.

At the Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang luxury real estate complex, the unique Penthouse unit located at the intersection of the international road and close to the Han River has emerged and become the focus of the high-end real estate market in late 2023 and early 2024. The “premium” Penthouse is located on floors 32 and 33 of the Panoma 1 tower, with an area of over 200m2 and surrounded by a large garden. The spacious apartment with open floor design features 4-5 bedrooms, allowing multiple generations of families to comfortably live together in a cozy and private space.

Optimal living space for luxury experiences of elite residents. Illustrated scene

Located at the highest point of the tower, the Penthouse owners can embrace the panoramic 360-degree view of the beautiful scenery of the river – city – sea of Da Nang. Every day at the Penthouse, from waking up to welcome the sunrise to enjoying the sunset, is a living moment like heaven, worthy of the position of the elite owners. With the privilege of bringing a luxurious and private lifestyle to the highest level of the tower, the Penthouse is the number one choice for billionaires and celebrities worldwide.

Duplex – Luxury and perfect living space

In the list of the most anticipated high-end properties in the market of Da Nang, the limited number of Duplex units arranged from floors 19 to 31 in the Panoma 1 tower is another highlight. These Duplex apartments also have an area of ​​over 200m2 and feature 4-5 bedrooms, bringing a modern and stylish living style.

Valuable view from super luxury apartments at Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang. Illustrated scene

With the advantage of a transparent glass system running from the floor to the ceiling of the house, the Duplex apartment is always filled with natural light, like an all-encompassing lens that captures million-dollar views of iconic symbols like the romantic Han River, the most beautiful beach on the planet – My Khe, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, Sun Wheel… this is also an excellent choice for families with many members, offering spacious living spaces and full amenities such as reading rooms, bars, karaoke rooms,… and many corners of interior decoration that show the owner’s unique and creative aesthetic taste.

Previously, the term Duplex apartment only appeared in bustling and glamorous cities in the US like Manhattan, Chicago. It is also the place where most of the upper class and famous Hollywood stars live. With its strong attraction, this type of residence has spread to the world, including Vietnam. However, unlike Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Duplex is still very new in the livable city, so it is understandable when the Duplex at Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang, which has just been revealed, quickly became a sensation in Da Nang.

Sky Villa and garden apartments – Living in the high sky

While high-rise projects often only design a few ultra-luxury apartments such as Penthouse and Duplex, at Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang, the pioneer developer brings a special type of Sky Villa and garden apartments that are meticulously designed to meet the needs of the upper class in the most prosperous intersection of Da Nang.

Rare luxurious garden space in the sky. Illustrated scene

Sky Villa deserves to be luxurious villas in the middle of the sky, located on the 18th floor of the Panoma 2 apartment tower right next to the Han River. The ceiling height is expanded to 4m instead of the usual 3.5m, and the large balcony becomes a spectacular space for enjoying nature, offering a panoramic view of the river – city – sea of Da Nang or fabulous fireworks displays during international fireworks festivals. Sky Villa units possess all the advantages of the Panoma 2 tower with 3 sides facing the river and 1 side facing the sea, hence no matter where you are, you can enjoy the magnificent and modern coastal landscape of Da Nang.

At the Panoma 1 tower, there are also special garden apartments arranged exclusively on the 27th floor. The outstanding feature of these apartments is that owners can satisfy their love for nature and greenery with a lush garden in the sky. The 6 garden apartments share a spacious green area of ​​550m2, creating “ecological villas” in the sky. Here, the owners enjoy a fulfilling life with creativity and emotions, inspiring creativity. And of course, it is a rare green living space that makes everyone admire in awe.

High-end utilities at the two high-rise towers, The Panoma. Illustrated scene

The owners of super luxury apartments at Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang also enjoy the value from the central location near the Han River, the intersection of major roads, as well as high-end amenities within the internal area such as infinity pool on high floor, kidclub, community house, gym, the service chain of the towers’ podium and low-rise blocks – The Cosmo… The lives of elite owners are guaranteed privacy and safety with professional management services, a wholehearted team of security guards on patrol, and a 24/7 camera system. The developer will give the owners of Penthouse and Duplex units free management fees for 10 years, and Sky Villa owners will enjoy free fees for 8 years.

According to industry experts, the limited edition apartments at Sun Cosmo Residence Da Nang continue to supplement the scarce supply of high-end real estate in the Da Nang market. With the sophisticated and creative approach of Sun Property – a member of Sun Group, Danang’s real estate is being invested to meet the luxurious and modern living needs of the elite in the city worth coming to, worth living, and worth investing in Vietnam.





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