Unicity Vietnam: “We want to accompany everyone”

Mai Lan, the Business and Marketing Director of Unicity Vietnam, shared insights into the activities aimed at building a thriving and happy community for Unicity in Vietnam.


First, can you share more about Unicity’s mission “To make life better”?

The message “To make life better” has been communicated by Unicity since its early days in the Vietnamese market. In life, everyone has a desire to strive for a better life for themselves and their loved ones. For Unicity, this is a meaningful journey, and we hope to accompany everyone in this journey by helping them have the three keys to health, wealth, and time at the same time.

Mai Lan – Business and Marketing Director of Unicity Vietnam

Specifically, we provide products that improve health and create solutions to increase income. When they are healthy and have improved finances, they will have more time for their families and loved ones.

What are the difficulties in this journey?

To be honest, it is not a smooth journey. When we first entered the Vietnamese market, we faced many difficulties and uncertainties just like any other company. The legal framework and community awareness of our business industry were not really accurate at that time.

Until now, I believe that the community’s awareness and people’s consciousness about this business field have improved. In addition, the legal framework and government regulations have also become more complete, which helps people have a more transparent and fair view of companies like us.

In 12 years, we have been fortunate to have a team of incredibly loyal and kind partners. They have always accompanied us and helped convey our message to the market. That is why, despite the challenges, we are still one of the companies that stands firm and keeps growing.

“2023 Southeast Asia Convention” event in Vietnam – Photo: Unicity

12 years is not a short journey. According to you, what values does Vietnam contribute to spreading Unicity’s mission?

First and foremost, it must be mentioned about Vietnamese culture and people. Throughout our history, we have always had an independent, self-reliant, and aspiring culture.

Secondly, besides the nature of diligence and hard work, Vietnamese people always value the connection between individuals, families, and communities. This strength makes business activities related to human connection, health care, and personal growth more attractive.

In the past, present, or future, we are still committed to creating a happy and abundant living community.

So what activities has Unicity done to create a happy and abundant living community?

Unicity provides product lines that proactively take care of health and create opportunities to increase income. In addition, we, together with the leaders of the company, promote training and accompany customers on the journey to becoming a better version in terms of both health and finance. I believe that creating many such versions is the fastest and most effective way to create a community that is healthy, happy, and thriving.

Unicity’s systems also regularly organize activities such as sports training together, cultivating a positive mindset, and building a healthy diet. We promote community support activities such as building bridges, schools, and accommodation for mountainous students.

Unicity Vietnam sponsored the construction of the Bay Thanh canal bridge in Phong Dien commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province.

Recently, we launched the Save10 campaign “helping 10 people” with strong communication to both leaders, distributors, customers, and employees. By sharing the habit of healthy eating and living with at least 10 people, these 10 people will help another 10 people. With this spreading method, I believe that the community around us will have a better diet and nutrition in the future.

We don’t just simply launch campaigns, but every member of Unicity strives to spread the campaign by becoming a role model for a reasonable exercise habit and a healthy diet. Personally, even though I am very busy with a tight work schedule, I still maintain running almost every day no matter where I am, with about 200km per month. I truly feel that when my body and mind are active, it will influence and create more possibilities in my work. Running also helps me train discipline and a never-give-up attitude.

No matter what, this will definitely be a long-term bond in Vietnam. What is Unicity’s next journey?

A few days ago, a candidate asked me this question: “Unicity is currently in the top 4, in the next 5 years, what rank does the company plan to achieve?”. I shared: We all want to be better, and if we want to be better, other companies want it too, so it’s difficult to say which ranking we will achieve with a specific number. In fact, we don’t see those companies as competitors because we want them to become better too, to work together to create a better image for this business industry.

Unicity Office in Hanoi. Photo: Unicity

Therefore, the revenue figures or the goal of ranking in a particular position doesn’t really matter much. We always believe that when each individual becomes better, it will create a better company, family, and society. By doing so, our community and society will become better day by day.

We also understand that good things will take time to spread and there is no shortcut to achieve quick results. But it’s okay, valuable things in life always require a lot of time and effort to achieve.

That doesn’t mean Unicity has no ambitions. In the process of competing with ourselves to become better, who knows, one day many people will know Unicity as the leading company in proactive health care in Vietnam.

Thank you for your sharing!

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