2023: A Year of Numerous Challenges for Businesses, Embracing Change and Taking Risks to Survive

Those were the remarks at the 2023 WeChoice Awards ceremony, by panel member and journalist Tran Mai Anh.


At the WeChoice Awards 2023 ceremony, which honors Vietnamese businesses that have shown significant progress in 2023 and brought value to the community, there are 10 names nominated for the “Outstanding unit” category: Coteccons, Viettel Money, TPBank, Saymee, Vinamilk, Hảo Hảo, Caty, BIM Group, VietinBank, and HDBank.

Journalist Tran Mai Anh, a member of the appraisal board, commented, “2023 was truly a year full of challenges for many businesses. In order to survive, they had to embrace change and strive for excellence, but most importantly, they dared to protect the rights of their workers and employees. These efforts and courage have enabled many businesses to make significant progress, contribute greatly to the economy, and bring positive changes to the society and workers.”

The recognition from the WeChoice Awards 2023 serves as a strong motivation for businesses to continue providing creative and effective solutions that meet the diverse needs of the community, while also taking care of the lives of hundreds of thousands of workers and contributing to the overall development of society.

The top 3 units with the most votes in the “Outstanding unit” category were awarded to Coteccons, Viettel Money, and TP Bank.

Leading with nearly 180,000 votes is Coteccons. In the face of market volatility, Coteccons’ steadfast commitment to maintaining a transparent and motivating working environment has not only benefited the company itself but also played a role in promoting comprehensive development for the construction industry in Vietnam.

Furthermore, Coteccons’ continuous innovation and adoption of new technologies in the construction process have improved work efficiency and delivered high-quality, sustainable products to society.

When looking at the impressive achievements that Coteccons has made, it is evident that their key to success lies in diligence, constant learning, and prioritizing the community. They are not only job creators but also creators of trust and hope for a challenging yet opportunity-filled industry.

The second honored unit is Viettel Money. As Vietnam goes through the process of integration and digital transformation, Viettel Money has become an undeniable source of inspiration with its significant contributions, not only in urban but also in rural and mountainous areas. Recognized at the WeChoice Awards 2023, Viettel Money has demonstrated its influence and importance in the national digital transformation process.

The story of Viettel Money goes beyond the provision of services. Behind it is the power of digital transformation, of how information technology can connect people, households, and fields more closely. This goal is gradually being achieved through various projects such as “Market and Commune 4.0,” “Mobile services,” and CSR programs like “Prosperous Tet in all regions.” Thanks to Viettel Money, the countryside’s digital transformation landscape is becoming more colorful and vibrant, with strong and widespread utility services that significantly improve the quality of life for residents. Specifically, Viettel Money has reached nearly 25 million customers, with its Mobile Money service having over 4 million subscribers. More notably, the number of customers using Viettel Mobile Money currently accounts for over 70% of the national Mobile Money market share, with 74% of users residing in rural and remote areas.

The third “Outstanding unit” award goes to TPBank. Not only a reputable commercial bank, TPBank is also a pioneer in the digital banking wave, as well as a strong advocate for ESG programs.

With over 149,000 votes from the community, TPBank is recognized not only for its revenue but also for its commitment to sustainable development. With a long-term development vision, TPBank has excellently fulfilled its role by making ESG goals an integral part of its overall business strategy.

With the achievements it has accomplished, TPBank can proudly say that it is not just a bank of the present but also of the future, always shining brightly on the map of sustainable development in Vietnam and the world.

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