4 Special Edition Rolls-Royce Cars of the Year: Dashboard Design Takes 2 Weeks, Celestial Sky Takes 3 Months

All the dragon edition Rolls-Royce cars are custom-made orders to celebrate the Lunar New Year in 2024.


Most new Rolls-Royce buyers have them custom-made. Meeting a great idea, 4 customers have ordered Rolls-Royce to create unique cars to welcome the Lunar New Year 2024. Surprisingly, the orders did not only come from the lunar New Year country, but from 3 different continents.

With the customers’ consent, Rolls-Royce has revealed some images of the unique dragon cars. Unfortunately, the creative design team’s gathering place, the cabin, does not have many images. In addition, there are only images of 3 cars, the fourth car is not revealed.

3 of the 4 special dragon editions are revealed. The black Phantom does not have a dragon logo on the outside. Photo: Rolls-Royce

Among the 4 cars, there is 1 Cullinan and 3 Phantom Extended. The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is in Selby Gray and Cherry Red with white stripes and logos. The Phantom Extended models have a Cherry Red and Silver color tone with small Phoenix red stripes that were hand-drawn and a dragon icon on the mudguard. One car is black with small Phoenix red stripes and no dragon logo.

To make these special Rolls-Royce cars, the designers started with creating the dragons so that they are vivid when placed on the cars. These patterns are either stitched or hand-drawn depending on where the dragon appears. For example, the dragon on the dashboard is hand-drawn, while the dragon on the headrest is embroidered with 5,449 stitches.

Red is associated with the year of the dragon, symbolizing luck and prosperity. Therefore, the dragon motifs on these Rolls-Royce cars are mostly red.

The cabin is full of “dragon” breath yet still elegant. Photo: Rolls-Royce

To have the dragon on the dashboard of 3 of the 4 cars is a complex process with multiple steps, taking over 2 weeks. Rolls-Royce said the artists need to apply multiple layers of red in 4 stages to create a vivid 3D effect.

The starry sky is also designed with 677 lights creating shapes of mythical creatures and 667 supporting “stars”. It takes about 3 months just to install the lights accurately. Meanwhile, embroidering the dragon on the headrest takes about 20 hours.

The Rolls-Royce designers’ process produces the final dragon pattern. Video: Rolls-Royce

In addition, 3 of the 4 Rolls-Royce cars are equipped with picnic tables in the rear, painted in piano black, combined with circular zodiac symbols made from stainless steel. The names of the 12 zodiac signs, representing the 12 zodiac signs, are carved in calligraphy, with the image of the dragon painted in prominent gold. The fourth car maintains a more discreet style with a black piano veneer and only one dragon relief made of stainless steel.

It is not clear how much value each special edition holds. But the price is usually not a concern for those who have luxury brands custom-made according to their needs.

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