“Central Highlands: The ‘Green Paradise’ on the Rise with the Upcoming Development of a 1,200 ha National-Level Industrial Park”

The Central Highlands province is planning to invest in the establishment of three industrial zones covering nearly 1,200 hectares by 2030.


According to the Management Board of Industrial Zones of Lam Dong Province, Lam Dong currently has 3 industrial zones that have been formed and are part of the national industrial zone system: Loc Son Industrial Zone (Bao Loc City, with an area of 183 hectares, deployed since 2004), Phu Hoi Industrial Zone (Duc Trong district, with an area of 109 hectares, deployed since 2004), and Phu Binh Industrial Zone (also in Duc Trong district, with an area of nearly 246 hectares, project started in 2017).

According to the land use planning dossier for the period 2021 – 2030 and the vision until 2050, Lam Dong will invest in the formation of 3 new industrial zones: Industrial Zone in Da Teh district (Da Teh district, with an area of 500 hectares), Tan Rai Industrial Zone (Bao Lam district, with an area of 500 hectares), and Loc Chau – Dai Lao Industrial Zone (Bao Loc City, with an area of 188 hectares). These 3 industrial zones have a total area of nearly 1,200 hectares.

Regarding industrial clusters, recently, Bao Lam district also adjusted the planning of Loc Thang Industrial Cluster (32.29 hectares), and Loc An Industrial Cluster (27.46 hectares).

In the future, this Central Highlands province is set to become a “green paradise” and a centrally-run city.

Specifically, according to the planning for the period 2021 – 2030, the vision until 2050, approved by the Prime Minister, by 2030, Lam Dong will become a “Green Paradise” with the attraction of leading luxury resort – ecotourism – health care – premium sports centers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

By 2045, Lam Dong will become a centrally-run city with 3 districts, 3 towns, and 3 districts. In addition, the suburban area includes some district townships and townships that play the role of district centers or centers of communes or clusters of communes.

The vision until 2050, Lam Dong province will meet the criteria to become a modern centrally-run city with identity, greenness, intelligence, and livability, with key tasks, breakthrough development, such as: Strengthening regional linkages, promoting comprehensive infrastructure development; Organizing and restructuring the territorial space of Lam Dong province towards becoming a centrally-run city; Building Lam Dong province as a destination worth visiting and living, affirming the position and role of Lam Dong province in the Central Highlands region and the whole country.

In terms of urban system planning, Lam Dong aims to have a system of 17 urban areas by 2030; including 1 type I urban area, 1 type II urban area, 3 type III urban areas, 5 type IV urban areas, and 7 type V urban areas. When meeting the conditions and criteria according to the regulations, 5 more type V urban areas will be developed.

By 2030, Lam Dong will have 3 industrial zones with a total area of about 538 hectares, including the completion of infrastructure for Loc Son Industrial Zone, Phu Hoi Industrial Zone, and the completion of legal procedures, attracting investment in infrastructure construction and industrial development in Phu Binh Industrial Zone.

According to this master plan, the establishment of 3 new industrial zones, Da Teh, Tan Rai – Bao Lam, Loc Chau – Dai Lao will also take place when the land for industrial zones is supplemented and meets the conditions and standards for industrial zones.