Where do Vietnamese people travel during Tet?

According to the latest research data, domestic travel will continue to be the top choice for Vietnamese people during the Lunar New Year holiday in 2024.


According to The Outbox Company research organization, the enthusiasm for the biggest holiday of the year is demonstrated by nearly 50% of Vietnamese tourists looking forward to traveling during the Lunar New Year period in 2024, especially young people.

The survey results show that more than 44.5% of Vietnamese tourists have made partial or full bookings for their Lunar New Year trips. Among them, the age group from 35-44 is the most actively preparing for this trip.

According to a booking application, Da Lat is the most popular destination for this Lunar New Year.

Vietnamese tourists also show clear changes in their preferences and types of experiences during the holidays. During Lunar New Year, people are particularly interested in culinary experiences, with 22.9% of people choosing it as their favorite experience.

Meanwhile, beach tourism is only of interest to 13.7% of people, ranking behind nature and outdoor activities (21.8%), history and culture (16.8%).

The survey results also show that Vietnamese tourists are particularly interested in destinations that are affordable and close by during this Lunar New Year. This is in line with the psychology of allocating time for multiple purposes of Vietnamese people during the Lunar New Year holiday as well as the trend of saving and reducing expenses due to the impacts of the economy throughout the year.

Domestic tourism will still be the priority of Vietnamese tourists during the Lunar New Year 2024, with 57.7% of tourists choosing domestic trips during this period.

However, the number of Vietnamese tourists choosing to travel abroad is also showing a significant increase with a nearly 50% ratio. Especially, Vietnamese people mainly go to countries in the Asian region.

The travel budget for the Lunar New Year 2024 also shows a noticeable difference between domestic and international tourists. Data shows that those who travel abroad will have to spend double the amount.

In particular, in the luxury segment, Vietnamese travelers still maintain plans for longer trips and increased spending during the Lunar New Year, even higher than other times of the year.

Travelers worry about the overcrowding of tourists.

In addition, Vietnamese tourists also express certain concerns and worries about their trips during the Lunar New Year. In addition to financial factors, which are considered barriers for most ordinary tourists, noteworthy concerns include overcrowding at tourist destinations.

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