HDBank Investor Conference: Continuing the Path of High and Sustainable Growth

On the morning of February 1, 2024, HDBank (Stock code: HDB) - Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank, organized the Investor Conference to provide updates on its business performance in 2023 as well as share information on certain directions and prospects for 2024.


Rising above fluctuations, leading the effective first-tier banking group.

According to information from the Conference, in 2023, HDBank achieved comprehensive growth in both scale and quality, surpassing the set plan targets.

Specifically, the consolidated profit for the whole year 2023 reached VND 13,017 billion, representing a 26.8% growth compared to 2022, leading among listed banks in terms of profit growth rate. This result confirms HDBank’s ability to maintain high growth in the context of fluctuations. The efficiency indicators continue to remain high, with return on assets (ROA) reaching 2.0% and return on equity (ROE) reaching 24.2%, placing HDBank among the leading commercial banks in Vietnam. The non-performing loan ratio is only 1.5% for retail loans and 1.79% on a consolidated basis, in the low range within the industry.

Another notable point is that digital activities have helped HDBank achieve outstanding growth in the number of new customers and transaction volume, with respective increases of 107% and 88% compared to the same period. Specifically, 94% of personal customer transactions are conducted through digital channels, higher than the 77% figure in 2022.

Mr. Pham Quoc Thanh – CEO further stated that with positive signs of economic recovery from the fourth quarter of 2023, export, agriculture, consumer, tourism, and real estate sectors have shown positive growth signals. HDBank has implemented various preferential credit packages to timely support the borrowing needs of individuals and businesses.

Regarding the outlook for 2024, at the conference, HDBank provided detailed information on some notable indicators, which are also the potential and competitive strengths for future growth.

Specifically, by the end of 2023, HDBank’s capital adequacy ratio is expected to continue to increase to 12.6%, leading the industry; the loan-to-deposit ratio is set at 66.2% (limit of 85%), creating room for significant credit growth in the future without capital constraints; the short-term lending ratio for medium-long term loans is only 22.5% (limit of 30%), providing conditions for considering increasing medium-long term loans to enhance net interest margin (NIM).

HDBank was awarded the Board of the Year prize by the Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD).

With these advantages and proactive conditions, HDBank expects to present growth targets for assets, revenue, outstanding loans and profit in 2024, at a level above 20%.

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