Luxury Villas and Penthouse of Diva Hong Nhung, Model Thuy Hanh on the Brink of Tet

Preparing for the Lunar New Year, many talented Vietnamese artists skillfully decorate their homes to be splendid, grand, and cozy. The villa of former supermodel Thuy Hanh is filled with red colors, being described as nothing short of a studio.


Hồng Nhung brings a graceful cherry blossom branch from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, placed in the connecting space between the kitchen and the living room. The resting place of the diva has received many compliments from the audience. This is the penthouse of “Co Bong” located on the top floor of a luxury apartment building in Ho Chi Minh City.

On her personal page, NSND Tu Long updates the Tet situation, he shows many angles full of the breath of spring inside the house. According to the shared images of the owner, various types of flowers such as cherry blossoms, orchids, azaleas… that are loved by artists are displayed.

Every Tet holiday, the family of former supermodel Thuy Hanh – musician Minh Khang fills the 200m2 villa in district 9, Ho Chi Minh City with the color red from the inside out. “My two daughters asked me to decorate the house like a studio. A few years ago, they even thought there would be a wedding in the house” – Thuy Hanh shared. On the Giap Thin Tet, her family plans to go to Hanoi to celebrate Tet with their grandparents from the 28th lunar day.

Binh An – Phuong Nga couple bought many accessories, flower pots to decorate their home for the Lunar New Year. The main red color creates a fresh and warm feeling.

Le Quyen is preparing her house in Hanoi with a graceful cherry blossom branch and a large flower pot. The female singer chose warm tones, combined with dragon-shaped decorations.

Bao Thanh’s graceful cherry blossom branches are blooming. She shares peaceful moments with her family in the last days of the year.

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