Market Pulse 05/02: Bank stocks attract money, VN-Index soars

At the end of the trading session, the VN-Index increased by 13.51 points (1.15%), reaching 1,186.06 points; the HNX-Index decreased by 0.28 points (0.12%), reaching 230.28 points. The overall market breadth leaned towards buyers with 373 stocks rising and 364 stocks falling. The majority of the VN30 basket saw an increase with 21 stocks rising, 6 stocks falling, and 3 stocks remaining unchanged.


Market liquidity slightly decreased compared to the previous trading session, with the trading volume of VN-Index reaching nearly 770 million shares, equivalent to a value of nearly 17 trillion dong; HNX-Index reached over 69 million shares, equivalent to a value of over 1.3 trillion dong.

VN-Index opened the afternoon session with an optimistic atmosphere as buying pressure emerged from the beginning of the session, pushing the index to continuously increase and close near the day’s highest level. In terms of impact, CTG, BID, MBB, and ACB are the most positive stocks for VN-Index with an increase of more than 8.7 points. On the contrary, VCB, VRE, and BCM are the most negative stocks, reducing the index by more than 0.9 points.

Top stocks affecting VN-Index on 05/02 session

Measured in points

HNX-Index had the opposite trend, with the index being negatively affected by stocks such as HUT (2.09%), DDG (1.92%), L18 (1.64%), BVS (1.14%),…

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The banking sector is the strongest sector with a 2.7% recovery primarily driven by stocks such as CTG (+6.94%), BID (+3.73%), VPB (+2.13%), and TCB (+3.95%). Following are the technology and information sector and other financial sector with increases of 1.37% and 1.06% respectively. On the other hand, the agriculture, forestry, and fishery sector recorded the sharpest decline in the market with -3.04%, mainly due to stocks like HAG (-4.64%), HNG (-6.86%), and NSC (-2.28%).

In terms of foreign trading, this group returned to net buying over 13 billion dong on HOSE, focusing on stocks such as CTG (195.58 billion dong), STB (92.83 billion dong), FRT (45.66 billion dong), and HAH (42.18 billion dong). On HNX, foreigners sold over 137 billion dong, focusing on stocks such as SHS (119.19 billion dong) and MBS (8.69 billion dong).

Morning session: Banking stocks break out

The market ended the morning session with a momentum of increasing points, VN-Index increased by 5.46 points, reaching 1,178.01 points. On the contrary, HNX-Index decreased by 0.25 points, to 230.31 points. The whole market leaned towards the selling side with 306 stocks increasing and 318 stocks decreasing. VN30 basket stayed in the green: 15 stocks increased, 10 stocks decreased, and 5 stocks remained unchanged.

In the morning break, the banking group surged to the top with a growth rate of 1.23%. Most stocks in the group had a brilliant start like BID (+2.45%), CTG (+4.26%), TCB (3.07%), MBB (+2.53%), STB (+1.17%), VIB (+2.72%), LPB (+1.69%). The remaining stocks also had positive performances: VPB (+0.8%), ACB (+0.76%), SHB (+0.87%), EIB (+0.81%), and OCB (+1.03%).

Following closely is the technology and information group with a growth rate of 1.13%, of which 2 stocks FPT and CTP had good growth with increases of 1.27% and 2.42% respectively.

Other sectors such as construction materials, mining, and seafood processing also stopped at positive growth. Only the insurance and plastics-chemical production sectors fell back after a good start from the beginning of the session.

Market performance of industry groups at the end of the morning session on 05/02. Source: VietstockFinance

At the end of the morning session, red dominated the overall industry. In which, the banking sector had the most positive growth with an increase of 1.23%. On the contrary, agriculture-forestry-fisheries were the most negative sector with a decrease of 2.51%.

Foreign investors continued to net sell after the previous session with a value of over 117 billion dong on HOSE, the stock with the most net selling being TPB. On HNX, foreign investors net sold nearly 55 billion dong, mainly in the stock SHS.

10:40 AM: Ambiguous sentiment still prevails

Investors appear cautious, resulting in slight increases and fluctuations around the reference level for the main indexes. As of 10:30 AM, VN-Index increased by 6.58 points, trading around 1,179 points. HNX-Index decreased by 0.27 points, trading around 230 points.

Most stocks in the VN30 basket are showing strong gains. Notable among them are TCB with an increase of 2.05 points, MBB with an increase of 2.00 points, FPT with an increase of 1.37 points, and VPB with an increase of 1.17 points. On the contrary, only a few stocks such as MSN, MWG, VCB, and SSB are facing significant selling pressure.

Source: VietstockFinance

Banking stocks are being strongly bought, notably MBB with an increase of 6.78%, CTG with an increase of 2.91%, TCB with an increase of 2.84%, and EIB with an increase of 1.16%… The remaining stocks also show positive signs with VPB (+0.8%), ACB (+0.76%), SHB (+0.87%), EIB (+0.81%), and OCB (+1.03%).

The next group is the transportation and warehousing industry with 21 stocks showing good increases, notable stocks include NAP with a limit increase, HAH, VSC, GMD, VOS… all increasing. The remaining stocks mostly stayed at the reference price.

Compared to the opening, buyers still have the advantage. There are 297 stocks that increased (including 12 stocks that hit the ceiling) and 279 stocks that decreased (including 15 stocks that hit the floor).

Source: VietstockFinance

The total trading volume on all 3 exchanges reached over 269 million shares, equivalent to over 5.6 trillion dong. The downside is that foreign investors still net sold more than 31 billion dong, focusing on TPB, SHS, and SSI.

Source: VietstockFinance

Opening: Positive sentiment spreads

At the opening of 05/02, as of 9:30 AM, VN-Index slightly increased by over 2 points, reaching 1,175 points. HNX-Index also slightly increased above the reference level to 230.63 points.

Green dominated in the morning session today, with several insurance stock increasing positively from the beginning such as BVH (+1.71%), PTI (+7.28%), and BIC (+0.36%).

Large-cap stocks such as GVR, BID, and TCB lead the pull of the index with an increase of nearly 2 points. On the other hand, VCB, MWG, PNJ are weighing the market down with a total decrease of over 0.7 points.

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