Nearly 70% say ‘No’ to curved screens, Samsung is right to change the design on the S24 Ultra.

Samsung's latest flagship smartphone series, the Galaxy S24, has completely eliminated the curved display feature. This move showcases Samsung's commitment to delivering a flat, sleek design without compromising on performance. With this innovative decision, the Galaxy S24 series offers users a superior viewing experience, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking a cutting-edge smartphone with a seamless display.


Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, has undergone a significant design change. The South Korean tech giant has decided to abandon the curved display, a design feature that has been a hallmark of their premium devices for many years, since the Galaxy S6 Edge. This change has sparked controversy among Galaxy users, questioning whether users really want to get rid of the curved display or not?

Samsung was one of the first companies to introduce curved displays on smartphones with the Galaxy Note Edge, which served as a market test and became a distinctive feature since the Galaxy S6 Edge. However, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has broken this tradition. The device has a completely flat screen. Previously, Samsung had gradually removed curved screens from the standard and Plus versions of the Galaxy S devices since the S21 series, but still retained the curved screen on the Ultra models until the launch of the S24 series.

AndroidAuthority conducted a survey to see if users regret the absence of curved screens on the S24 Ultra. The result showed that 67% chose No and only 26% chose Yes. The remaining 7% have not yet answered until they have the opportunity to experience the device firsthand.

Survey conducted by AndroidAuthority, 67% said they would not regret the absence of curved screens

A similar survey conducted on Reddit before the launch of the S24 series also had similar results, with 66% choosing a flat screen instead of a curved screen.

Survey conducted by Reddit

Why do users dislike curved screens?

Curved screens certainly bring much more aesthetic appeal, they look unique, premium, and if you use gesture navigation, the curved screen also provides a smooth swiping experience. However, these benefits seem to not overshadow its major drawbacks.

Users often complain about accidentally touching the screen, the extended edges of the screen also make it more prone to damage. The curved edges also make the device less secure to hold and can be annoying when watching videos or playing games. It also makes it difficult to find a tempered glass screen protector.

Curved screens, although beautiful, have many weaknesses

The flat screen of the S24 Ultra has addressed these issues. It provides a more comfortable grip and eliminates accidental touches on the screen. A non-curved screen also means no glare from light and no distortion of content, making viewing content on the screen better.

Furthermore, the flat screen design significantly improves the usability of the S Pen, one of the most important features of the Ultra model. With a flat edge, users can write or draw more accurately without having to struggle with the left or right side of the screen.

The flat screen of the S24 Ultra is convenient to use

In addition, the flat screen also makes it easier for users to use tempered glass protectors to protect the screen.

The decision to switch to a flat screen for the Galaxy S24 Ultra is a strategic move, prioritizing user experience over design. Although curved screens are a unique design factor, the practical benefits of a flat screen are more important than the aesthetic appeal of a curved screen.

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