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Even in a stable market with low and stable interest rates, offering an attractive credit package remains essential and meaningful for the Bank-Business Connection program.


One of the main contents of the Bank-Business connection program in Ho Chi Minh City is organizing the registration of preferential credit packages and disbursing these credit packages to support businesses.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Lanh – Deputy Director of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) Ho Chi Minh City branch, said that this is a practice that has been carried out for many years, bringing practical effectiveness to businesses and being highly appreciated by the business community, especially in the context of market interest rates and lending rates increasing. However, even in stable market conditions, stable and low interest rates, the introduction of preferential credit packages is still necessary and meaningful for the bank-business connection program. This necessity is reflected in the following three main aspects:

First, the preferential credit package, with two criteria: Scale and interest rates, must ensure that the lending interest rates are lower than the normal lending rates to ensure the advantages and support for businesses.

Second, the introduction of support packages with specific scale and amount of money will help credit institutions proactively in lending and supporting businesses. At the same time, it ensures the support of businesses while being proactive in capital sources, while still guaranteeing stable interest rates and limiting the impact when market interest rates fluctuate. This strengthens the bank-customer relationship and promotes service development.

Third, with the above-mentioned meanings, requiring credit institutions to register and disburse preferential credit packages through the bank-business connection program is necessary to bring out the effectiveness of the program, as evidenced by specific results in disbursing preferential credit packages and the number of businesses supported. This ensures that the program “does what it says, disburses for real”, supporting businesses with capital, conditional interest rates for growth and development. This contributes to making the bank-business connection program an annual solution of the banking industry to support businesses.

The experience of implementing this preferential credit package in previous years shows that this credit package is usually associated with the State Bank’s interest rate policy and incentives. Therefore, the feasibility and effectiveness of these credit packages is very high. Specifically in Ho Chi Minh City, in 2023, the total scale of the credit package registered by 20 bank brands from the beginning of the year reached VND 453,070 billion and disbursed VND 567,340 billion by the end of the year, equivalent to 125.2% of the package scale, for 166,579 customers.

From a management and policy implementation perspective, with a focus on solutions to support businesses, the results of implementing the preferential credit package, with specific targets, specific businesses, and specific disbursement amounts, the total number of businesses supported specifically… are quantifiable indicators of the program’s effectiveness, so it has created a brand and reputation for the “Bank-Business Connection” action program, which is highly appreciated by the business community.

Han Dong

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