Salary and Benefits at Son Hai Corporation: Excavator and Dump Truck Drivers earn over 300 million VND, Engineers over 500 million VND, Managers 1.4 billion VND annually.

"Anyone who claims that Son Hai's salaries are mediocre should take a look at these numbers. Truck drivers make an average of 280-290 million VND, while dump truck drivers earn over 300 million VND. Engineers, on the other hand, can make over 500 million VND, and there are even a few exceptional cases earning over 1 billion VND. These figures are clear evidence of the success within Son Hai Corporation," said Nguyen Viet Hai, Chairman of Son Hai Group.


The image shows Mr. Nguyen Viet Hai, Chairman of Son Hai Group

The image shows a road section constructed and warranted for 5 years by Son Hai Group

In 2023, Son Hai Group achieved success with winning multiple large contracts and reaching nearly 4,000 billion VND in revenue.

In the context of favorable business conditions, the average income of Son Hai Group’s workers increased compared to 2022, reaching 24 million VND per person per month.

At the year-end summary meeting, 28 individuals from various teams and departments were honored, including operators of cranes, bulldozers, dump trucks, and more. These individuals, as well as engineers and managers, represented the 1,700 employees of Son Hai Group.

The lowest income earner was a bulldozer operator, earning over 270 million VND. 12 other individuals, operating various heavy machinery, earned between 312 and 348 million VND. Two technicians and operators earned 416 and 492 million VND, respectively.

The honored group of engineers and managers consisted of 13 individuals. Only one individual earned nearly 500 million VND, while the others earned over 500 million VND. Notably, 6 managers had incomes of up to 1,400 million VND in the past year.

Chairman Nguyen Viet Hai personally presented flowers, congratulations, and gratitude to the outstanding workers of 2023. He expressed his emotions, saying: “The happiness of a businessman is being free from tax debts, wage debts, insurance debts, and overdue bank debts. The sweat, tears, and intellect of the collective and the leaders of Son Hai Group.”

In the past year, Son Hai achieved significant successes. Besides the average increased income, Chairman Nguyen Viet Hai was proud of the way Son Hai’s employees treated each other as a family. According to tradition, when someone in the group loses a family member, everyone contributes half a day’s salary to support the unlucky family.

Chairman Nguyen Viet Hai also revealed that besides the timely payment of wages in the past year, Son Hai Group allocated nearly 6 billion VND in bonuses for its staff in 2023.

The wages and bonuses received by Son Hai Group’s employees serve as encouragement, recognition, and strong support for them to accompany the company in overcoming challenges, completing many important construction projects in the past year.

As a contractor headquartered in Quang Binh, Son Hai Company gained attention in 2014 when it participated in the expansion project of National Highway 1A. At that time, while other contractors usually warranted road sections for 2 years, Son Hai committed to warranting the 15km-long section passing through Quang Binh Province for 5 years.

In 2022, Son Hai Group caused a stir when it submitted a document to the Ministry of Transport requesting a 10-year warranty for the contracts on the expressways it constructed.

These contracts include the XL Contract in the Mai Son – National Highway 45 project, the XL-01 Contract in the Nghi Son – Dien Chau project, the entire Nha Trang – Cam Lam project, and the subsequent contracts in Phase 2 of the North-South expressway that this unit is responsible for.

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