Special Features at High-Speed Tunnel Using World-leading Modern Technology Constructed by Son Hai Corporation

This high-speed tunnel was constructed by Son Hai Corporation. It is also the only tunnel in Vietnam that is fully paved with concrete asphalt.


Highway Tunnel Paved with Asphalt throughout Vietnam

The North-South Highway section from Nha Trang to Cam Lam, put into operation since May 19, 2023, is a highway section that has been completed three months ahead of schedule.

It is worth mentioning that there is one item on the route that is completed six months ahead of schedule, which is the Doc San Tunnel. This is one of the important links on this highway.

The Doc San Tunnel is part of package 3 with a total investment of 1.2 trillion VND, managed and supervised by the Ho Chi Minh Road Management Board (Ministry of Transport), and invested and constructed by Nha Trang-Cam Lam Highway Investment Co., Ltd and Son Hai Corporation.

The construction of Doc San Tunnel started in November 2021. The tunnel is 1,480m long, consisting of two complete parallel tunnels, each of which is more than 700m long.

To accelerate the project, the investor has deployed the most experienced tunnel construction contractors. The construction site is equipped with 4 tunnel excavation and reinforcement fronts, two fronts for tunnel door reinforcement. The construction teams work “3 shifts, 4 crew members” continuously, with an average of 10m of tunnel excavation per day.

Son Hai Corporation representative stated that the company has applied the world’s leading modern NATM construction technology for the construction of Doc San Tunnel.

Over the years, the NATM tunneling method of Austria has been the most widely used underground construction method in the world. NATM maximizes the bearing capacity and utilizes the natural conditions of the terrain, helping to significantly save the cost of support materials, labor, and reduce the construction time of projects.

At the same time, NATM also demonstrates great resistance to geological pressures in areas prone to earthquakes. In fact, this is an excellent construction method for building many tunnels worldwide.

To complete this item, hundreds of officers, employees and hundreds of modern equipment were mobilized. Son Hai Corporation maximizes its workforce with more than 500 equipment, 1,500 workers, working in 3 shifts both day and night. As a result, the tunnel was opened in May 2022, six months ahead of schedule.

Especially, during the construction of Doc San Tunnel, Son Hai Corporation proposed to the Ministry of Transport to change the design to pave the entire tunnel with asphalt to eliminate noise when vehicles pass through and ensure a more beautiful landscape. This is also the only tunnel in Vietnam that is completely paved with asphalt. Therefore, when entering the tunnel, there is no longer the “roaring” sound like other tunnels.

Introduction to Son Hai Corporation

Son Hai Corporation was established in 1998 and is one of the largest private enterprises in Quang Binh province. In addition to the core construction sector, Son Hai has expanded into the energy and real estate sectors.

Son Hai is evaluated by the province as a contractor and investor with the capacity and experience to implement many major transportation projects nationwide. This company has participated in many large-scale projects such as the National Key Project, the Tả Trạch water reservoir, Thua Thien Hue province (with a total investment of over 4,000 billion VND); Tan My water reservoir project, Ninh Thuan province (with a total investment of over 6,000 billion VND); Ngan Truoi water reservoir project, Ha Tinh province (with a total investment of over 4,000 billion VND); La Son – Tuy Loan expressway project through Thua Thien Hue province (with a total investment of over 11,000 billion VND).

In 2014, Son Hai Corporation attracted attention when committing to a 5-year warranty for the packages under National Highway 1A, National Highway 14… instead of the regulated 24 months. The corporation also installed signs “Son Hai Corporation 5-year warranty” at these packages.

At the end of 2022, Son Hai Corporation sent a letter to the Ministry of Transport committing to a 10-year warranty for the packages under the East North-South Expressway project executed by the company.

According to this commitment, the road surface will not have cracks, no peeling, the road surface will be smooth and flat, even at the junction with the bridge. In cases of overloaded vehicles, excessive traffic volume, unfavorable weather, the 10-year warranty commitment of the corporation remains unchanged.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Hai – Chairman of the Board of Son Hai Corporation. Photo: Quang Binh Provincial Web Portal

During the maintenance and repair during the warranty period, the State does not have to spend any expenses.

Son Hai Corporation also requested to publicly display the 10-year warranty signs on the route for the convenience of people participating in traffic and supervision of warranty activities.

The head of this company is Mr. Nguyen Viet Hai.

Mr. Hai was born in 1966 in Quang Binh, graduated from the University of Economics with a major in Business Administration.

According to information on the business registration portal, Mr. Hai holds up to 99.912% of the charter capital of 2,338.4 billion VND of the company.

In addition to business activities, Mr. Hai actively participates in political and social activities.

In late May 2021, Mr. Nguyen Viet Hai was elected as a member of the Quang Binh Provincial People’s Council (part of the delegate team of Dong Hoi City) for the 2021-2026 term.

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