Triple your income in 3 days, businesses still struggle to hire security guards for Tet.

As Tet holiday approaches, the demand for recruitment in certain service-related industries continues to soar. Among them, the security service sector is facing a severe labor shortage at this time, even though the income could be three times higher than normal days...


Businesses operating in the security and protection services sector have a high demand for recruitment from now until Tet holiday.


The demand for security assurance is more important as Tet approaches, causing security service providers to rush to recruit.

Ms. Nguyen Minh Tuyen, Deputy Director of Quang Trung Security Service Company (Hanoi), said that throughout the year and especially during the Tet period, the company regularly recruits hundreds of security personnel with relatively attractive salaries, ranging from VND 9 to 12 million per month depending on the position. The salary for shift leader and chief commander ranges from VND 15 – 30 million.

Recruitment for a large number of positions to provide security services for factories, industrial zones… The employees recruited for these positions have the task of protecting assets, equipment, goods, and people; patrolling, inspecting, detecting, preventing, and handling incidents; and performing other tasks assigned by management.

In terms of benefits, Ms. Tuyen said that employees will be fully guaranteed social insurance benefits, a 13th-month salary, and performance-based bonuses.

Currently, the demand for security personnel recruitment is higher than other times of the year. Under normal circumstances, the company only recruits full-time employees. The requirements for men are from 18 to 40 years old, height from 1m65, and for women, height from 1m55, with the age range from 18 to 45.

They only need to graduate from high school, have good health, clear record, no criminal record, and no tattoos… Therefore, this Tet holiday, job applicants for security positions just need to have an identity card. They can start working right away.

Workers who work during Tet will receive a salary of VND 400,000 per day, with 2 meals provided, uniforms, and free accommodation.

Many service enterprises still have a high demand for recruitment during Tet. Photo – N.Duong.

Due to the increasing demand for protecting buildings and ongoing construction projects, Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu, a recruitment specialist for a real estate company in Hanoi, also said that they are looking to recruit a large number of security staff as they are about to operate two new apartment buildings.

However, according to Mr. Hieu, as Tet approaches, recruitment becomes more difficult due to the mindset of most workers waiting for Tet bonuses and not intending to find new jobs during this time, they will wait until the new year to switch jobs.


Also facing an increasing demand for security personnel is Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa, a recruitment specialist of Soviet Viet Security Joint Stock Company who inform that, before Tet, the company needs to recruit 30 security personnel to work at factories and buildings. Applicants just need to have good health, be diligent, have no criminal record, and be under 55 years old to be able to be employed.

Priority is given to ex-servicemen and ex-police officers, as well as employees who have been trained in security. Employees will receive a monthly salary ranging from VND 6 – 8.5 million. Income will be higher depending on the position and working hours, and all benefits will be fully guaranteed in accordance with the law.

However, Ms. Hoa said that at this Tet period, there is a very scarce labor supply and the recruitment volume is expected to increase by 25 – 30% compared to last year’s Tet.

“The mindset of workers is almost always wanting to return to their hometown to celebrate Tet, rather than looking for jobs in the city during this time. Many businesses have a demand for security services during Tet but the company also does not have enough resources to meet those demands. Due to the shortage, we dare not take any seasonal labor contracts, only ensuring full-time contracts,” Ms. Hoa shared.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa, recruitment specialist of Soviet Viet Security Joint Stock Company, exchanging information with candidates. Photo – N.Duong.

To increase the effectiveness of recruitment, in addition to connecting with job transaction sessions, meeting the hot labor demand, companies must use various channels, such as posting recruitment announcements on websites, social networks, and even through referrals from acquaintances…

Mr. Le Minh Tuan, a recruitment specialist of Binh Yen Security Company, also noted that the demand for recruitment in the security and protection services sector will continue to increase in the future, not only during Tet.

Currently, the company needs to recruit from 30 to 50 employees, with a salary ranging from over VND 5 to 7 million per month (30 working days); on public holidays and Tet, the rate is VND 25,000 per hour. Due to the high demand during Tet holiday, the company is recruiting flexible part-time employees, only requiring an identity card, student card, or confirmation letter from the school for registration.

According to Mr. Tuan, as society develops, the need for security will also increase. Therefore, the company continuously recruits to supply to units with demands.

However, the general difficulty for companies like his is that the closer Tet is, the more difficult it becomes to recruit staff due to the customary practices in Vietnam where most workers want to return to their hometowns and only start working after New Year’s Day.

“From the beginning of the last month of the lunar calendar to Tet, it is the most intense period of labor shortage. We find it very difficult to recruit enough people, so we have to have additional short-term solutions, or hire external personnel for a short period to fill this gap,” Mr. Tuan said. In addition, the company also strongly promotes recruitment through external channels.

According to Mr. Tuan, the salary for workers who work during Tet is usually three times higher than usual, but there are still few workers who choose to stay and receive jobs. Compared to other times of the year, the demand for security recruitment during this period increases by 20 – 30% to enhance security for buildings and apartment complexes.

In terms of job opportunities in this field, Mr. Tuan evaluates that working in security services will be increasingly valued as a profession. “As society develops, the more buildings and apartment complexes are built, the more security personnel are needed to ensure safety. Society will consider it as a profession, so job opportunities will continue to grow and develop,” Mr. Tuan said.

From the perspective of connection units, Mr. Vu Quang Thanh, Deputy Director of Hanoi Job Service Center, also assessed that while the demand for recruitment from businesses is large, the difficulty in finding candidates is due to the approaching New Year’s Day, when workers prefer to have full-time jobs and rarely switch jobs.

Therefore, recruitment for full-time employees is more limited at present. Currently, jobs like seasonal and part-time work will attract non-official employees more.

According to Mr. Thanh, through data collection activities, Hanoi Job Service Center predicts that in the first quarter of 2024, Hanoi will need to recruit from 100,000 – 120,000 workers. Trade and service sectors will still be the sectors with the highest labor demand…

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