Western Newspaper: Vietnam’s biggest real estate tycoon ventures into the healing industry, building the most livable 1,200ha supercity in the world in Hanoi

Vinhomes' Ocean City, a sprawling 1,200-hectare mega development in the eastern part of Hanoi, is being hailed by many international publications as the ultimate live-work-play destination on Earth.


According to IBTimes, one of the largest business newspapers in the US, in the West, the trend of leaving big cities is booming with a desire for a higher quality and more balanced life.

“But many Asian people do not want to trade convenience in urban areas. And the thousands-hectare complexes like Ocean City have emerged in the midst of bustling urban areas, aiming to meet the needs of residents”, IBTimes notes.

Ocean City is the largest residential urban area in Vietnam, covering an area of 1,200 hectares.

IBTimes asserts that Ocean City has opened a miniature world where residents can live, work, relax, entertain, and shop without stepping out of the gate.

According to IBTimes, for many centuries, people in Hanoi had to travel 100 km to the nearest beach. However, Vinhomes has brought the taste of the sea into the heart of the city with a 6.1-hectare artificial saltwater lake.

As the world is caught up in rapid growth, Vietnam’s largest real estate developer has embarked on the healing industry by developing priority health-oriented urban areas.

Ocean City has a 6.1-hectare lake.

Meanwhile, Business Traveller emphasizes that Vinhomes’ mega complex will satisfy the thirst for green living in Asia, where rapid urbanization has driven high demand for utilities and communities that large complexes bring.

“Ocean City is not just a destination, it also creates a ripple effect. This complex is compared by international residents as the most livable place on the planet, after they have traveled far and wide and set foot in many countries”, Business Traveller states.

Ocean City is a typical example of the booming “city within a city” trend in Asia.

According to Dr. Robert Guild, Director of Sustainable Development at the Asian Development Bank, the future of Asia is urban. 17 out of 33 megacities in the world, with a population of over 10 million people, are located in Asia.

Amidst the accelerating urbanization wave, Ocean City is a typical example of the booming “city within a city” trend in the most populous continent on Earth, where families are eager to find high-quality real estate projects integrated with everything inside.