Auction Over 15 Thousand Vehicle License Plates, with a Total Value of Over 2 Trillion VND

Over the course of three months, more than 15,000 license plates for automobiles have been successfully auctioned off, bringing in a total of over 2,000 billion Vietnamese Dong, according to Nguyen Van Trung, the Director of the Traffic Police Department.


On the afternoon of February 5, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh visited the Traffic Police Department, Ministry of Public Security and wished the national traffic police officers a happy Lunar New Year and encouraged them.

Reporting to the Prime Minister, Director of the Traffic Police Department Nguyen Van Trung said that in 2023, the traffic police force has renewed their thinking, awareness, and approaches to their functions and tasks, resulting in significant changes. At the same time, they have gained the understanding and support of the whole society, especially in handling issues regarding oversized and overloaded vehicles, accommodating passengers in cargo compartments, dealing with violations of alcohol concentration limits, speeding, lane changing, and running red lights…

In particular, during the past 3 months, more than 15,000 vehicle license plates have been successfully auctioned off, with a total amount of over 2,000 billion VND.

The Prime Minister visited and wished a happy Lunar New Year to the national traffic police officers.

To ensure traffic order and safety during the Lunar New Year, the Traffic Police Department stated that they will continue to maintain a maximum deployment of forces to ensure the best situation, conduct patrols and inspections, and enforce traffic violations 24/7 with the mindset of “overcome the scorching sun, conquer the rain, work tirelessly day and night, even during the Lunar New Year”. The focus will be on strictly handling violations that are the main causes of traffic accidents.

Among them, efforts will be made to strengthen strict control and resolute punishment of alcohol-related violations, following the motto “no restricted areas – no exceptions – no days off”. Traffic police forces will be stationed on key traffic routes to support and assist the people, with the spirit of “wherever people need us, there will be traffic police, wherever people encounter difficulties, there will be traffic police”.

Recognizing the achievements of the traffic police force, the Prime Minister emphasized the need to carry out effective patrols, inspections, and strict enforcement of violations during the 2024 Lunar New Year. Furthermore, effective prevention and fight against all types of crimes should be implemented, illegal street racing should be promptly avoided, and efforts should be made to contribute to a joyful, healthy, safe, economical Lunar New Year filled with goodwill.

Alongside this, the Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Public Security and the Traffic Police Department to expedite the implementation of projects and initiatives to enhance digital transformation, application of information technology, modernization of techniques, and the development of databases in 2024.