Nearly half a million Vietnamese tourists visit Singapore in 2023: “The island nation” increasingly boosts attraction for Southeast Asian visitors

Vietnam ranks among the top 10 tourist markets for Singapore, with 434,000 visitors expected by the end of 2023.


Recently, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has strengthened its long-term partnership with the leading Southeast Asian travel platform, Traveloka, through a one-year Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) signed on January 17. Melissa Ow, CEO of STB, and Caesar Indra, Chairman of Traveloka, presided over the signing ceremony.

The signing of this MoC comes as Singapore is making efforts to boost their tourism recovery with the Southeast Asian region.

Last year, Singapore received 13.6 million tourists, including 4.78 million tourists from the Southeast Asian region. Among them, it is worth mentioning the number of tourists from Vietnam, one of Singapore’s top 10 markets, with 434,000 tourists as of the end of 2023.

This strong recovery reflects the appeal of Singapore as a world-class lifestyle destination for Vietnamese and Southeast Asian tourists, as well as the enthusiastic support from industry partners such as Traveloka.

This MoC will focus on enhancing the consumer-oriented approach through detailed information and data sharing. In addition, both parties will explore the introduction of new products and experiences from Singapore on the Traveloka platform. This new agreement demonstrates the shared commitment of both parties to continuous innovation and enhancing the customer experience in Southeast Asian markets.

These efforts are also in line with the latest campaign of the Singapore Tourism Board – “Made in Singapore,” which transforms everyday moments into extraordinary ones through unique and surprising experiences that can only be found in Singapore. The MoC, together with Traveloka, strengthens this commitment by introducing new itineraries for personalized experiences, enhancing the visitor experience, and introducing the diverse services of Singapore to a wider audience across Southeast Asia.

Terrence Voon, CEO of STB Southeast Asia, said, “Since our first collaboration in 2019, Traveloka has always been an important and treasured partner for us. In the context of the recovering tourism industry in the region, our partnership will help tap into the rich tourism potential of Southeast Asia, help us understand customers better, and reinforce Singapore’s position as a top destination for tourists in the region.”

In addition to attracting more tourists to Singapore, the partnership emphasizes the sharing of knowledge and exploration of new initiatives, thereby enhancing the quality of interaction with tourists. For example, STB and Traveloka will exchange detailed information to develop more targeted advertising campaigns and create more suitable travel experiences. By leveraging the specialized knowledge of both parties, this collaboration aims to enhance the overall visitor experience and achieve positive results across Southeast Asia.

Caesar Indra, Chairman of Traveloka, said, “Singapore is known as one of the top international destinations in the region. In 2023, we recorded an 80% increase in total searches and transactions originating from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines for all products in Singapore compared to the previous year. We are delighted to continue our collaboration with STB to bring even greater value to customers. We are committed to providing more benefits and meeting the holiday aspirations of consumers, including their Singapore vacation plans. This partnership marks an exciting chapter in enriching the travel experience for our customers.”

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