“1,000 engineers and workers continue construction throughout Tet at the massive construction site of Long Thanh airport”

With a workforce of around 1,000 skilled individuals and over 100 construction machines and equipment, we are dedicated to ensuring the progress of the Long Thanh Airport project (in Dong Nai province) through the Lunar New Year holiday in 2024.


That’s the information given by the Project Management Board of Long Thanh International Airport, under the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) – the investor of component 3 of the Long Thanh Airport project.

Around 1,000 workers and engineers will stay and work during Tet at the Long Thanh airport project

Engineers and workers who stay and work during Tet will receive salaries as prescribed. At the same time, the Management Board will also coordinate with interested contractors to take care of Tet for the workers who stay to work.

According to ACV, items such as the road connecting Terminal 1 – Terminal 2, passenger terminal, runway, taxiway are progressing according to plan. Many items have been and are being completed, taking shape.

Among them, the 24 tower cranes in the passenger terminal have been operating stably, completing the official road, fences, and soil excavation by 100%. The contractor is taking advantage of the dry season to speed up the construction of the reinforced concrete body.

Recently, a consortium of contractors in the passenger terminal also organized the completion of 1 million safe working hours and gave Tet gifts to the workers.

Package 4.6 – runway, taxiway, and parking apron is also racing against time during Tet. The amount of earth excavation has reached 800,000 m3, and the backfill has reached 650,000 m3.

The land foundation of the takeoff and landing runway, taxiway, apron… is being constructed. Many construction sites are implementing the drainage system, the K98 drainage pad, and the stone chip grading layer.

Until now, the contractor has completed the test construction of the cement concrete strips, which are evaluated to be of good quality. It is expected that the general construction will be carried out after Tet.

Long Thanh Airport Passenger Terminal

Mr. Duong Quang Dien, Deputy Director of the Project Management Board of Long Thanh International Airport, said that ACV has directed the contractors to arrange personnel and equipment for construction during the lunar New Year, ensuring close adherence to the progress of specific items and the overall progress of the project in general.

Meanwhile, at component 2 of Long Thanh Airport (the projects serving flight management) which is invested by the Airports Corporation of Vietnam, the contractors have also mobilized more than 60 laborers and many machines for construction during Tet.

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